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BPR’s best cartoons: Ignore it ALL

‘They HAD to lie’: Key witness drops bombshell accusation against J6 committee, demands release of transcripts

‘Listen up you silly liberals’: Brilliant thread demolishes leftist fearmongering over Roe ruling

Megyn Kelly destroys ‘moron’ AOC: ‘She’s sort of a… Kardashian in Congress’

‘Wretched woman’: There’s a big bug in Hillary Clinton’s personal story bashing Clarence Thomas

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Group deep in ‘Soros’s pocket’ behind ‘gender identity’ changes to Dept of Education’s Title IX: report

Rare conservative CNN guest schools Van Jones on why child conceived in violence deserves life

Woman offers a hilariously uncanny impression of Kamala Harris… but watch out AOC!

Ex-DHS official raises red flag over release of illegal immigrants caught with enough fentanyl to kill millions

Amazon employees demand company cease business with anti-abortion states, want time off to ‘grieve’

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Learn more about Jeeng

1 million voters ditch Dems for GOP with notable demographic shift, study finds

Supreme Court poised to drop another bombshell ruling after Roe v Wade

Michael Steele says GOP would ‘absolutely’ overturn filibuster to pass national abortion ban: ‘They don’t give a rat’s …’

Wanda Sykes’ rant bashing ‘that red stuff’ in middle America an ‘illustrative look inside the lib mindset’

FBI seize phone of Trump legal advisor as he’s searched outside restaurant, footage shows

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Wisconsin Boy Scout comforts truck driver during his final moments after Amtrak derailment

‘The View’ host calls football coach’s prayers ‘performative’: ‘If Muslim, he would be privately praying’

Friend of Clarence Thomas explains why he can’t be destroyed by the left’s ‘racist’ attacks

Two Illegal immigrants reportedly caught with enough fentanyl to kill millions released in California

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