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BPR’s top cartoons of the week: Crime-weary Dems welcome Roe distraction

In ‘woke’ virtue-signaling, Google informs employees they can relocate to abortion-friendly states

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy rips Dan Bongino in an EPIC profanity-laced clash over Roe decision

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Rep. Mary Miller thanks Trump for ‘historic victory for WHITE life,’ libs pounce over slip of tongue

‘She is not suicidal’: Lawyer says Ghislaine Maxwell placed on suicide watch ahead of Tues sentencing

Barbra Streisand calls Supreme Court ‘the American Taliban,’ cites ‘religious dogma’ behind Roe decision

Activists call for sex strike over Roe v. Wade ruling; Twitter reacts with mockery and scorn

AOC gets facts confused about conservative justices in push to circumvent ‘rogue’ Supreme Court

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RI state senate candidate arrested, drops out of race after ‘punching’ female Dem rival at abortion rally

Twerking exhibition breaks at a Dallas pro-abortion rally: ‘Shakin dat a** so we can kill our babies’

Redditor seeks to ‘punish’ rural Christians over Roe: Let ’em see a community ‘truly burned to the ground’

SE Cupp has a message for Ana Navarro over horrific remark about special needs people and abortion

‘Are these people okay?’ Woman upset with Supreme Court throws a truly DEMONIC tantrum

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Learn more about Jeeng

Biden Pentagon pledges to protect ‘seamless’ abortion access for troops

Gunman suspected of Islamic extremist terrorism after allegedly killing two at Oslo gay bar

VIDEO: Cornell grad says he was assaulted for defending Uyghurs

Youngkin tells VA universities to cancel tuition increases amid record inflation

TIPP Insights: Did recent SCOTUS decisions take the ‘fight’ out of GOP manifesto?

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