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Best political cartoons: Happy B-day, Sparky

EU enraged with Biden, accuses US of PROFITEERING on the Ukraine war

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell drafted to challenge Ronna McDaniel for RNC chair, ‘God willing’

‘I will make an alternative phone’: Musk shrugs at threat of Apple and Google boot

Harris Faulkner overcome with emotion, expected mundane update, was blown away by what she got

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Trump offers a different description of meeting with Kanye at Mar-a-Lago – and his unexpected guest

Man missing from Carnival cruise ship rescued in ‘Thanksgiving miracle’ after day of treading water

Joe and Hunter Biden do Black Friday shopping in Nantucket

Amazon workers stage Black Friday strike across 40 countries protesting pay and working conditions

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Family of woman charged with smothering baby while breastfeeding says she does not deserve jail

‘The Trump hangover’: Former Surgeon General says he’s ‘stigmatized’ after working for Trump admin

Candace Owens torches ‘conspiracy theories’ she’s using Kanye to ‘take down Trump’

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Learn more about Jeeng

Leftist know-it-all tries to school Elon Musk on how to run a business and it’s all downhill from there

Daylight savings time is racist? CNN opens itself up to mockery

Musk vows to support DeSantis in a 2024 presidential run, reminds everyone who he voted for in 2020

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