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Biden press secretary refuses to answer question about possible lying

Amy Coney Barrett’s Christian group targeted by federal agents

‘How convenient’: MSNBC guest explains Trump’s rise in support is all ‘white grievance’ and ‘racism’

Obama appointed judge refuses to move case, likely dooming the defendant

MLB star vindicated after ‘gold digger’ smeared him with assault allegations, with big assist from media

Michigan sheriff warns of ‘organized transnational gangs’ in deep blue county

Worried McCarthy admits he’s perilously close to losing speakership; Gaetz holds ground against fuming GOP

Chicago alderman cites ‘narcotics, prostitution, theft’ and more in call to shut down migrant center

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Leftist journo who mocked warnings of Philly violence gunned down in his home after EERIE tweet

NYC Mayor Eric Adams boils over, limits press questions as criticism mounts

Civil rights leader slams ‘divisive protests’ and ‘rioting’ under the guise of social justice

Not all NFL fans are down with league’s Taylor Swift obsession

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Iranian government looks to Michelle Obama as it consolidates more power

‘They don’t care about our rules’: Locals reject Chinese-tied battery factory’s construction in their Community

Eco-activists go on tire-deflating spree to dissuade SUV use

Air Force sued over free speech rights of airman who called out cancel culture while in uniform

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‘A red line for me’: GOP rep lays out why he backs Matt Gaetz’s move to oust Kevin McCarthy

Trump’s fraud conviction is bogus

The energy transition is social vandalism

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Machete-wielding prof who threatened reporter gets six months of therapy in plea deal

Federal debt increased by $2.2 trillion in fiscal year 2023

Erick Erickson: There’s got to be a better way to pick the president

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