Bo Snerdley cuts through BS, tallies black votes needed to ensure Dems never win presidency again

Thanks to his extraordinary wisdom, the late Rush Limbaugh’s longtime producer turned radio show host, James “Bo Snerdley” Golden, left an indelible impression on the attendees of last week’s Sunshine Summit in Hollywood, Florida.

Sponsored by the Republican Party of Florida and featuring a who’s who of Republican politics, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the summit was comprised of several panel discussions, including one titled “Why Minorities are Leaving the Democrat Party.”

Headlining the panel was none other than Golden, a black man who’s a proud Republican.

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Asked during the panel whether black Democrats are leaving the Democrat Party, he replied by first explaining that only a small fraction of black Americans need to leave the Democrat Party for Republicans to reign supreme.

“Some are. And first of all, you don’t need a tremendous shift. You only need about 10, 15 percent. Look, if Democrats lost 15 percent of the black vote in every single national election, they’d never win the presidency again, which would be a blessing for America,” he said.

“So it’s not like we nebed a complete shift of even 50 or 40 percent. You don’t need that. So what I urge is for all liberal black Americans, stay with the Democrats. And those who have conservative values or traditional American values, those are the kinds of people that this party should make an effort to bring into the fold.”

(Source: Exclusive)

Turning to the actual question at hand, Golden, who hosts New York radio station WABC’s “Bo Snerdley” show, then confirmed that hell yes, black Americans are fleeing the Democrat Party.

“Now, are black people leaving? Yeah. You would leave too if your neighborhoods were riddled with crime, and instead of locking up the criminals, they throw them back on the streets to prey on the people in your community. You’d leave too if your kids had to go to inferior schools while they whine and whine about what Republicans do. Republicans aren’t in these neighborhoods. These are Democrat neighborhoods. They’ve been Democrat neighborhoods for, in some cases, 150 years,”  he said.

“And what have the Democrats delivered — crime, misery, failing educational system, poverty, with no chance to do anything but complain about being victims. And a lot of younger people can see now. The world isn’t as monolithic as it was. There are so many sources of media right now. People can actually see what’s going on outside, not only in their neighborhoods but outside of their country. And so people are seeing now what the Democrat Party has done to minorities.”

Later during the panel, Golden spoke about his deep love of America.


“My father fought in World War II and the Korean War at a time when he could not enter many places in the United States because he was prohibited because he happened to be a light-skinned black American. But he loved America. My family loved America. Everybody in the country that has ancestral roots in America, this is our birthright, this freedom, this liberty that America offers,” he said.

“And black people are no different than any other Americans. We’re proud of this country, and we love what this country is. You cannot look at one country in this world and find a nation that has not had its share of horrors in its history. We have had ours. But we also gave the mechanism, in this country, to bring more people, more freedom, and more liberty than any other nation in history. And that is something to be proud of.”

Golden then turned his attention to Gov. DeSantis and his successful war against Disney, aka the “Rodent Kingdom,” as the talented radio show host called it.

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“Let me also say this. Right now we owe this governor, in particular, a tremendous amount of thanks, because what he did when he took on the rodent kingdom — that’s Disney — was show Republicans to take your tail out from between your legs and stand up for what’s right. And when he did that, Disney lost. Now, they may be putting on a good face, but they lost that battle, and as a result, parents all over America are seeing exactly what’s being taught in the schools, and they’re infuriated,” he said.

Last but not least, he gave a shout-out to former President Donald Trump.

“We also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Donald Trump. We have a Supreme Court that stopped the genocide in America,” he said.

By the “genocide,” he meant abortion.

“And that genocide is happening at an alarming pace in minority communities because that is where Planned Parenthood set up shop, consistent with their mission to get rid of people that they thought were inferior. And by the way, you haven’t seen Democrats so mad since a Republican president told them they couldn’t have slaves anymore,” Golden continued.

Other prominent conservatives who appeared at this year’s Sunshine Summit include Mark Levin, Dave Rubin, Molly Hemmingway, Lisa Boothe, Clay Travis, Kurt Schlichter and Stephen Moore, among others.

Learn more about the annual summit here. Meanwhile, to get more wisdom from Bo, you can get his wildly popular Daily BS news stack directly to your inbox every day by just dropping your email here. He is an avid long-time reader of BizPac Review and American Wire and we are proud to partner with him on the daily news blasts. You can also catch James Golden on the radio 6 days a week here.

(Source: Exclusive)



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