‘Something truly evil is happening’: DOJ indicts 11 pro-life activists after protesting outside Tenn abortion clinic

Nurses, therapists, security fight madman who tore through hospital ward strangling NEWBORNS

Peter Doocy DROPS the mic on ‘nobody effs with a Biden’ tough talk: It appears OPEC just did!

Sunny Hostin gives ‘brilliant’ DeSantis rare praise, but STILL misses the mark

‘Welcome to Clown World’: 16 kids sue Montana for ‘first children’s climate trail in US history’

Herschel Walker’s campaign hits pay dirt after hit piece dominates the news cycle

Graham, Cruz threaten Mayorkas with impeachment for ‘gross dereliction of duty’ to secure the border

Witnesses of triple murder say Kim Kardashian never called them, is VERY wrong about man she’s trying to free

Dems dust off GOP-stimulated bill to remove defenses from Saudi Arabia, UAE in wake of OPEC’s cut

US Oil & Gas taunt Biden who has only ‘one option’ left: ‘Life comes at you pretty fast…’

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DeSantis team mocks Joy Reid with humiliating rejection letter in response to ‘touching base’ with gov

High school golf team cancels practice when tournament of ‘lewd’ acting strippers takes over

Will media give Jill Biden the Melania treatment over post-hurricane fashion choices?

GOP gubernatorial candidate under fire for distributing pics of kids identifying as animals to slam schools

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Learn more about Jeeng

Peter Doocy: Nobody f**ks with a Biden? Well, OPEC just did

Paranoid leftists freak as Florida high schools ask female athletes about their periods: ‘A police state for women’

Army Veteran, NAACP chief killed protecting girlfriend during targeted attack on island vacation

Officer who suspiciously died during training was investigating fellow cop for rape, attorney claims

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Judge Jeanine lays into Gov Hochul over long rap sheet of gunman who killed father at Marist College

Physician shocked when patient refuses blood transfusion if donor received COVID jab

VA chief seeks overhaul of suicide prevention unit that’s mired in data inconsistencies, misunderstanding

Alabama AG vows to fight Biden admin threats to force genderless bathrooms in public schools

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