Best political cartoons: The 2024 presidential freestyle

Ben Shapiro: The Barack Obama cover-up

NYC Mayor Eric Adams begs for help, says migrant influx could cost city $12 billion

Conservatives feel unsafe after facts on FBI killing Utah man accused of threatening Joe Biden run low

Footage as right-wing presidential candidate in Ecuador is assassinated during campaign rally

CNN host attempts to confront KJP on Americans’ distaste for ‘Bidenomics’

Cori Bush blasted for blaming white supremacy for death of violent thug Michael Brown

Lady Gaga’s dad fed-up with unruly, intrusive migrants, rallies NYC neighbors to take action

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Trump reacts to Jack Smith’s secret warrant for his Twitter account, says he won’t sign GOP pledge

Mayor announces fate of two 7-Eleven workers who beat thief in viral video

Testy Biden snaps at Fox’s Doocy over Hunter news: ‘I knew you’d have a lousy question’

‘The Five’ careens off the rails after Tarlov parrots Dem talking points on corrupt Biden dealings

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Activists angry so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs are being tarnished by suicide

Soros-backed prosecutor suspended by Gov. DeSantis throws temper tantrum

D.C. police union chief rips Dem councilman’s ‘ridiculous’ call for National Guard amid crime wave

‘This is a pathetic story’: Former Trump official says Biden is in a ‘heap of trouble’ over Hunter’s business deals

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Biden admin secretly encouraged overthrow of leader who wasn’t pro-Ukraine enough, leaked cable reveals

‘I’ll let it be known’: Trump declines to say if he will attend GOP debate

Tim Scott releases campaign ad pledging to ‘unleash’ military on ‘terrorist’ cartels

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Learn more about Jeeng

‘What’s your favorite color?’: Laura Ingraham rails against Biden’s response to Hunter allegations

Dem Rep tells reporter she ‘championed’ infrastructure bill despite voting against it

Dem donor runs PR firm hired to spin bad press for gulf state ahead of UN Climate Conference, records show

Blue state mom charged with purchasing guns for son who threatened politicians

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