Hannity and Boebert go at it in tense standoff: ‘I asked you a simple question, congresswoman’

Fox News host Sean Hannity got into a heated confrontation with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-COLO.) on Wednesday after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) failed to clinch the Speakership in a sixth vote after 20 conservatives dug in their heels against him.

The interview was tense and strained following McCarthy’s failure to get the 218 votes he needs to secure the position despite backing from former President Trump. It is the first time in a century that this has happened in the House of Representatives. Conservatives are unhappy with McCarthy failing to give concessions, seeing him as a tepid moderate that has voted far too many times with the Democrats rather than taking a principled Republican stand on issues.

“Let me turn the tables, congresswoman,” Hannity started off, prepping to get into it with Boebert. “Kevin McCarthy has 202–3 votes. Your side has 20. So, if I’m gonna use your words, and your methodology, and your math, isn’t it time for you to pack it in and your side to pack it in considering he has over 200 and you have 20?”

In a back and forth where Boebert tried to tell the host she understood his frustration while Hannity denied being frustrated, he accused her of not answering his question.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Despite being interrupted by Hannity, Boebert continued on by telling him, “And we are hearing from many people who are still voting with Kevin McCarthy who are very supportive of what we’re doing. And they’re cheering us on. So, there are more for us than there are against us. And they are waiting for Kevin to cave.”

“You know, the American people are certainly frustrated,” she added.

“Congresswoman, I’m frustrated by you not answering a direct question. You said to President Trump, you said earlier today that President Trump needs to tell Kevin McCarthy, you don’t have the votes…” Hannity interjected.

Back and forth ensued with Hannity asking if he could finish his point.

“We need a candidate to elect as speaker of the House,” Boebert asserted.

“Can I finish? You don’t have the votes and it’s time to withdraw. He has 203. Your side has 20. Why is it time for him to withdraw and not you when he has so many more votes?” Hannity reiterated.

“Well, Sean, he needs 218 and he does not have 218,” the congresswoman pointed out.

“Neither do you!” Hannity shot back.

He would go on to ask Boebert later in the interview if she and the other holdout conservatives would back down if they did not have an alternative candidate with 30 votes by Friday.

“Kevin McCarthy does not have 218 votes,” she said once again.

“And you have 20,” Hannity clapped back. “I asked you a very specific question. If by Friday, you don’t have 30…”

“I will not withdraw,” Boebert declared and then tore into the obscene spending that is going on.

“With all due respect,” Hannity remarked. “If you only have 30, to be clear, you will not withdraw, but you’re telling Kevin McCarthy and the 203 people that support him to withdraw because they don’t have 218. That’s what you’re saying?”

“Look, it’s obvious by tonight’s motion to adjourn that Kevin McCarthy and his supporters have voter fatigue,” Boebert contended. “And I’m here for it.”

“I asked you a simple question, congresswoman,” Hannity said showing that he indeed was frustrated. “I feel I’m getting an answer from a liberal.”

I’m not going to support Kevin McCarthy, Sean,” Boebert bluntly informed him.

The votes will continue until a speaker is chosen, no matter how long that takes. Until then, no business will be conducted in the halls of Congress.

Conservatives see this as their one chance to change things after squishy Republicans joined Democrats in passing President Biden’s omnibus spending package which also handcuffed the GOP on many fronts.

Those 20 conservatives, including Boebert, evidently do not intend to back down and want commitment and accountability on a number of issues including term limits, spending, and the border.

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