Head of Kamala Harris’ favorite fund that bails out criminals arrested for possession of fentanyl

The head of an organization that Vice President Kamala Harris once openly promoted has been arrested for possession of fentanyl.

Records from the Bloomington, Minnesota Police Department show that they booked a lady named Valentina Dianne McKenzie for fentanyl possession on Aug. 31st.

McKenzie happens to be the chair of the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a far-left organization that lobbies on behalf of criminals by paying their bail.

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund can confirm that MFF board chair Valentina McKenzie was arrested on Thursday, August 31st, in Bloomington,” the fund’s communications director, Noble Frank, confirmed in a statement to Alpha News.

Dovetailing back to Harris, she openly promoted the MFF on Twitter during the violent, deadly Black Lives Matter race riots of 2020:

The fact that the fund’s chair is apparently into consuming or selling fentanyl — one of the most deadly drugs in America — isn’t even the worst part of the story.

Back in 2020, the fund bailed out Christopher Boswell, a twice-convicted rapist who at the time had been charged with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault in two separate cases. One of the sexual assault cases reportedly involved a child.

Two years later in 2022, Boswell was charged again — this time with stalking, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm — after he reportedly beat up his girlfriend and threatened to kill her.

“According to the criminal complaint, Brooklyn Park police at around 3 p.m. on July 22 got a call to do a welfare check on a woman. The woman’s mother told police at 5 a.m. that day, she got a call from her daughter’s boyfriend — later identified as Boswell — who said he went on for about 45 minutes, rambling about her daughter,” Minneapolis station KMSP reported at the time.

“The mother said Boswell was angry at her daughter and said numerous times he was going to kill her, and that he knows people who would kill her. During the call, the mother could hear her daughter crying and whimpering in the background. The mother told police Boswell is violent and had assaulted her daughter multiple times in the past, charges state,” the station added.

But it gets worse.

That same year, the fund bailed out St. Paul resident Shawn Michael Tillman after he committed indecent exposure. Three weeks later, he allegedly outright killed someone.

(similar case below)

“Shawn Michael Tillman, 33, faces one count of second-degree murder in connection with the shooting of a 37-year-old man who police have yet to identify. He faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted,” station KSTP reported.

“A criminal complaint states police responded to a shooting around 4:15 a.m. at the Green Line station near Fifth and Minnesota streets. Officers found the victim lying on the light rail platform with several gunshot wounds to the head and torso. Medics pronounced him dead minutes later,” according to the station.

What did the fund have to say for itself? Nothing but nonsense.

“When determining whether to provide bail support, Minnesota Freedom Fund evaluates several factors including bail amount and a defendant’s appearance history, and we prioritize people at risk of losing housing and employment or who are facing challenges like homelessness, mental illness, and chemical dependency. Mr. Tillman’s bail was $2,000 – a small amount compared to our average bail request of more than $58,000 and well under our daily bail cap. After paying Mr. Tillman’s bail, our Post-Release Team attempted to contact him, as they do all our clients upon release, to offer resources and support,” they said.

“In all our bail decisions, we strive to balance pre-trial justice with community safety. As a community, we are struggling to navigate and solve violence in our neighborhoods. We all want and deserve to be safe. But it is neither just nor effective to respond to violence by denying bail and pre-emptively punishing people who are disproportionately poor, [b]lack, brown, and [i]ndigenous. As Minnesota Freedom Fund continues to evaluate and refine our internal processes, we urge our leaders to confront gun violence in our communities with solutions that are proven to work: stable housing, mental healthcare, treatment for chemical dependency, youth programming, and more,” they added.

Given all this, you’d think the media would be interested in covering the fund’s ties to Harris, who is now the vice president of the United States. But you’d be wrong. Every single one of these crimes that resulted after the MFF bailed someone out has been buried. So has the vice president’s connection to these bailouts.

Vivek Saxena


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