‘Homeschool your children’: Teen arrested in ‘HORRIFIC’ beating of smaller student in Beaumont, TX

Public schools in America have not only devolved into left-wing indoctrination centers in many cases or factories for social change but for some students, dangerous grounds as well. Nowhere is the danger more pronounced than in restrooms, with some students reportedly opting not to drink water so they can avoid having to go to the bathroom.

A horrifying video out of Beaumont, Texas captured what may lie in store for young children who enter a school bathroom at the wrong time.

A larger black teen is seen in the video repeatedly punching a much smaller white student in the face and head at least 14 times as he lay on the floor, KMBT 12 reported. At one point, the aggressor shoved the victim headfirst into a wall. A loud thud can be heard upon impact and the smaller boy falls to the ground grabbing his neck. As he sits up clutching chest, his attacker then kicks him in the face and chest.

The smaller student is then seen dragging himself up against a wall, where he doubled over in obvious pain.

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All the while, a small group of students looked on oohing and aahing, with more than one videoing the brutal assault. It would not be a stretch to suggest that some cheered the aggressor on in an encouraging manner.

Beaumont City Councilman Mike Getz said in a Facebook post that the assailant  has been arrested and “will likely be charged with robbery in addition to assault and will hopefully be prosecuted as an adult.”

Beaumont ISD Police Chief Joseph Malbrough clarified any misconception in response to questions and rumors about whether any action will be taken.

“It was false that our officers didn’t respond, even to the fact that the Chief did not want to file charges,” Malbrough said, according to KFDM Fox 4. “That was so false. You can best believe I will file charges.”

“This is not his first rodeo, he has been arrested before but current state and federal law allow these offenders back on campus after a relatively short stay at a juvenile detention facility,” Getz said of the black teen. “These are issues that need to be addressed at the Legislative level in Austin and Congressional level in Washington, D.C.”

The councilman wrote that his “cell phone was blowing up with people sending me links to a horrific incident at West Brook.”

“A student was brutally beaten in one of the boy’s restrooms while other students watched. The video is all over social media,” he wrote, adding that the Beaumont Independent School District “failed this young man because it did not provide him a safe, learning environment.”

“I have spoken with the District Attorney’s office and the Superintendent. There is a simple solution to this particular problem and it needs to be implemented. You place adult monitors at the door of the rest rooms,” Getz said. “I am told that policy had already been implemented but that someone failed to show up to monitor the rest room as they were supposed to do. They need to be held accountable.”

Getz also called on school districts to limit the number of students who can go into the restroom at a time and continue locking restroom doors during class times.

“For students that need to answer nature’s call while class is in progress, they should have to obtain a pass from their teacher and then go to one of a limited number of rest rooms available during class time, which will also be monitored,” he said.

The condition of the victim is not clear. A social media user commented on possible injuries in response to the boy’s actions at the time of the attack:

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