Jake Tapper has a light bulb moment about the Democrat Party

As relentless scenes of atrocities being committed by Hamas terrorists against innocent victims in Israel continue to play out on the airwaves in real-time, many in the media are finding it hard to hide emotions or ignore reality.

One such enlightened moment occurred when CNN’s Jake Tapper commented on the evident and shocking antisemitism coming from those on the left while covering the latest on the conflict in Israel.

“These last few days have been a real eye-opening period for a lot of people — a lot of Democrats, a lot of progressives — in terms of antisemitism on the left,” Tapper said, speaking with a guest on his CNN show, “The Lead.”

“A lot of people who seem more shocked at ‘dehumanizing’ language used by world leaders to describe Hamas than what Hamas actually perpetrated on Saturday,” Tapper continued, referring to the start of the attacks last weekend.

Indeed, the pro-Palestinian clamor from the left and many members of the Democratic Party has been stunning, leading many to publicly condemn any efforts to downplay the attackers as the victims.

From street protests against Israel to public statements from institutions like Harvard, Democrats have shown their true colors as even radical members of Congress have been criticized by their colleagues for open bias against Israel.

Tapper’s light-bulb moment sparked plenty of social media reactions:


Frieda Powers


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