Jesse Watters advises ‘green’ AOC to get married and get pregnant if she wants to be President

If, as some rumors suggest, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) wants to be president, Fox News’s Jesse Watters has some advice for the young lawmaker — advice that co-host Greg Gutfeld said will send the show’s producer “screaming” for fear of liberal backlash: grow up, get married, and have a baby.

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The segment on “The Five” started with Gutfeld acknowledging that, while Ocasio-Cortez “has a skillset,” she’s “missing things, like knowledge.”

“With age comes wisdom, and she’s pretty young,” Watters replied.That’s my nice way of saying that she’s not very smart.”

Watters compared the bartender turned Congresswoman to the unsatisfying experience of peeling an unripened banana.

“That is AOC,” he stated.She is not ripe enough to run for president.”

And then Watters, who appeared to be riding the razor-edged line of sarcasm and truth, mansplained a multi-year path for Ocasio-Cortez’s potential run for the White House — a plan that seemed designed more to make liberal heads pop than to actually point AOC towards Pennsylvania Ave.

“First, she has to get married,” Watters declared, referring to Ocasio-Cortez’s recent engagement announcement.She has to plan a wedding. You want to plan a wedding and run for president at the same time? Then her husband would have to do it, and the wedding would stink.”

Though initially shocked by Watters’ brazen display of toxic masculinity, Gutfeld remembered that Ocasio-Cortez was indeed planning a wedding and relaxed a bit.

But Watters was just warming up.

“And then you have to get pregnant,” Watters proclaimed, shattering any semblance of political correctness.

“This is how it goes,” Watters argued.Follow me, Greg. You get married. Then you get pregnant, and then, once you have the baby, you have a family– the media loves it. They eat it up.”

“It makes you more of a mature person,” Watters insisted, adding that Gutfeld’s lack of children explains his behavior.

“After she has the family,” Watters continued, “then she runs for Senate. She runs for Senate in New York and gets to meet the big-time donors. You get in the Senate and then you are a force to be reckoned with at the hearings. And then she runs for president. Obama, first-term from Illinois. That’s the way to do it.”

Ocasio-Cortez has a perception problem, according to Watters. Between mixing margaritas, dancing with the crowds, and her attention-seeking protests, she’s hard for anyone–including those within her own party–to take seriously.

“Right now, she’s not really seen as a serious person,” Watters stated.She’s childish. She faked her arrest. Giving makeup tips.”

“If you give it, maybe, ten years, that would be 2032,” he continued. “Then she would be ripe enough to run for president. Because she can’t unify the party right now. Everybody in the party, most of them hate her. I think after ten years, she could unify the party. But now, do you think she could today win a state like Michigan or North Carolina or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania? There is no way someone like AOC could do that.”

“I can see that our producer just ran into traffic,” Gutfeld stated in response.I can see, I can actually hear her screaming.”

And it isn’t just a Fox News producer screaming.

Predictably, the left has lost its collective mind over the suggestion that becoming a wife and a mother would shape the young congresswoman into a serious contender.

A self-described Hollywood “insider” reacted as reliably as Pavlov’s dogs and called both Gutfeld and Watters a couple of “Neanderthals.”

However, most of the backlash was saved for Watters, as the tweets below show. If there’s one thing Watters needs to learn, it’s that it doesn’t matter if you make a perfectly legitimate point if liberals think you’re “gross.”

Melissa Fine


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