Johns Hopkins professor blasts his OWN college and mainstream press for not publicizing lockdown study

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A prominent Johns Hopkins University professor is slamming both his employer and the establishment press for ignoring a recently published meta-analysis that found that the devastating lockdowns of 2020 were of little use.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” late Wednesday, Dr. Marty Makary of John Hopkins expressed grave frustration over this institutional-wide blackout.

“There’s really only been one narrative on this entire topic, and it’s probably one of the biggest interventions in the history of public health,” he said, kicking off his remarks.

This narrative has been that lockdown policies and draconian restrictions have been effective in reducing the spread of COVID. As previously reported, the findings of the meta-analysis strongly belie this establishment narrative.

“This study, which came out today from my institution, looked at 34 different studies that asked [whether lockdowns work], and they concluded that the lockdowns had no significant reduction in mortality and an aggregated reduction of about two-tenths of one percent,” Makary explained.

“Now compare that number, which turns out to be about 1,800 individuals, to the number of non-COVID deaths — what we call the excess non-COVID mortality in the United States. It was 124,000 excess deaths in year one. So over two years, it was about a quarter-million people who died.”

In other words, many more people than usual have died during the COVID pandemic, but not for reasons related to COVID. Why?

“We’re now understanding that 60 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse, deferred cancer care. That statistic takes years to accrue. We know about the self-harm and suicide numbers, and there are hundreds of kids in Baltimore alone that the teachers described never logged on to their virtual learning modules. Ever. And they were lost for follow-up forever,” the Johns Hopkins professor continued.

“So we’re now starting to recognize the collateral damage, and by the time we finally get the research that catches up with public opinion, people may already have their own narrative written. Johns Hopkins itself did not even put out a press release about this study, and if you look at the media coverage, it’s one of the biggest stories in the world today, and yet certain media outlets have not even covered it.”

Note what he said about the public already having “their own narrative written.” A more apt verb may be “spoon-fed,” given as the establishment press has for years been working hand in hand with establishment-trusted “experts” like Dr. Fauci to promote lockdowns and other restrictions as viable strategies for combating COVID.

And when faced with criticism, such as when thousands of non-establishment experts published the Great Barrington Declaration in October of 2020, the two parties — the media and establishment-trusted experts — have colluded to smear and silence them.

Responding to the doctor’s remarks, Carlson asked why establishment-trusted experts like “Fauci” don’t just admit that they’d gotten things wrong.

“I thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, you know. I was wrong. I’m really sorry about it. But it’s OK, you know, you can admit it,” he said.

Makary replied by admitting that he himself had been a proponent of lockdowns during the early stage of the pandemic.

“I’ve done that for myself. I called for the lockdowns when we saw what was happening in China. It was scary. We didn’t know if we were going to lose our nation’s children,” he said.

However, he continued, when data began emerging, as an example, “from Northern Italy that showed us that not only was it not equally distributed in the population, but the harm was so profoundly skewed towards older people and people with comorbidities,” he changed his mind.

The data meanwhile was “largely ignored” by the establishment. Same when it emerged that “80 percent of the deaths were in people over 65 and half of them roughly were in nursing homes.”

To this day, the actual scientific data is still being ignored, he noted, pointing to the mask, vaccine and even booster mandates for schoolchildren.

“I think the public is hungry for honesty and basic humility from public health officials, because you’ve got to evolve your position as the data come,” Makary concluded.

But humility doesn’t appear to be on the table. Instead of fessing up to their mistakes, if anything establishment “experts” and their media allies continue to attack, demean, besmirch and smear. All that’s changed is their targets. As of February 2021, their latest target was podcaster Joe Rogan.

Vivek Saxena


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