Joy Behar spotted out maskless less than 24 hours after saying she may wear masks indefinitely

Hours after “The View”co-host Joy Behar declared she would likely continue wearing a mask in public, she was spotted without one at a restaurant.

Though others in the photo shared by The Post Millennial’s Libby Emmons can also be seen not wearing a mask, the journalist noted that she heard Behar “also walked out of the restaurant unmasked, though her companions dutifully donned theirs.”

The underlying irony being that the far-left comedian had proclaimed Thursday that she would keep wearing a mask “indefinitely” when in public after comments from CDC Director Rochelle Walensky the day before that the agency would “soon put guidance in place” on the wearing of the protective face coverings.

“Joy Behar said she was going to mask in public places ‘indefinitely’ because it’s just not safe. Except for last night out at this restaurant, apparently,” Emmons tweeted along with photos of Behar at the eatery.

And while other patrons at the restaurant also are seated maskless, since most dine-in venues allow customers to remove masks when eating or drinking, it was Behar’s adamant stance on “The View” that echoed.

“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow 100% what they tell me because they keep changing it,” Behar said on the show. “A very short time ago, they were saying put the N95 masks on, and now make sure it’s a – and now they’re saying you don’t have to wear them anymore… if I go into the theater … a crowded place, I would wear a mask, and I might do that indefinitely.”

“Of course she doesn’t wear a mask,” Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean tweeted in reaction.

While some Twitter users excused Behar because she was maskless while dining in, many others pointed out the real problem.

Frieda Powers


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