‘One final warning’ enrages Tucker: ‘Who do you think you’re talking to, Ron Klain? Illiterate villagers? We’re Americans.’

The demagogic primetime speech about democracy that President Joe Biden delivered this Thursday was meant as a “final warning” to voters, but critics say that in a real democracy, the president has no right to be delivering such warnings in the first place.

Speaking on MSNBC this Thursday, the president’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, sought to explain the purpose of the speech — which, as previously reported, was extremely demagogic and inflammatory against Republicans.

“The president’s been talking about the threat to our democracy since he launched his campaign way back in 2019 and again on January 6th and again in September in Philadelphia, at Independence Hall,” he said.

“And I think the president decided a few days ago that it was important to issue one final warning on this issue, to make very clear, to leave no doubt that we have people out there still peddling the big lie, people now raising the issue of election denial in this election, and of course the horrible incident involving Speaker Pelosi and her family, you know, showing the rising threat of political violence,” Klain added.


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson was disturbed by the remarks. Speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” later that evening, the eponymous host said that neither the president nor his minions “get to warn us of anything.”

“One final warning? One final warning, really? Who do you think you’re talking to, Ron Klain? Illiterate villagers? We’re Americans. We are free people. You don’t get to warn us of anything, much less for the last time. This is your final warning? Yeah. Don’t think so. You don’t get to say that, Ron Klain,” he said.

“You don’t get to say anything like that, ever, because this is a democracy, an American democracy, not a Soviet democracy. In our system, you don’t get to issue orders to the rest of us on the eve of an election. No. You beg for our consent because our consent is the only legitimacy you have. This is our government. It’s not yours. You are the servant. We are the boss. Act like it,” Carlson added.

He also spent a considerable amount of time dissecting the president’s speech itself — particularly the president’s contention that “democracy is on the ballot this year.”

“No, Joe Biden. The names of candidates are on the ballot. Democracy is not on the ballot because democracy is not determined by the outcome of an election. Democracy is the election itself. Democracy is the process by which citizens choose how they will be governed according to their own desires. That’s their choice. It’s not yours, but Joe Biden is telling you the opposite and you should know that,” Carlson said.

“He’s telling you that unless you arrive at a very specific outcome, the very outcome he commands you to arrive at, the system itself is illegitimate. We control the system. We have a moral right to control the system. Therefore, if we lose control of the system, the system itself can no longer exist. This is a dramatic misreading of what American democracy is,” he added.

The Fox News host continued by asserting that “[w]hat Biden is describing is the Soviet version of democracy where elections exist to ratify the status quo, to bolster the cabal already in power — that’s effectively what the Democratic Party is saying out loud.”


In his speech Wednesday, the president basically said that Americans must vote for Democrats or lose their democracy.

The speech has been roundly mocked and disparaged by critics on the right, including Carlson, who feel that the president was full of it.

Another critic, popular conservative radio show host Erick Erickson, noted in a blog post that if democracy was genuinely on the ballot, then Democrats wouldn’t have bankrolled the very candidates that they’re telling Americans to not vote for.

“We know democracy is not under attack because Joe Biden and the Democrats used $46 million to fund the candidates who they claim are attacking democracy,” he wrote.

Indeed, during the primary elections, Democrats purposefully funded a bunch of pro-Trump Republican candidates because they naively thought said candidates would be easier to defeat in the general election.

But now that these candidates are soaring in the polls, Democrats are suddenly issuing demagogic warnings about how the entire country will cease to exist if the American people choose to vote for the same candidates that they, Democrats, funded.

The sad part about all this, Erickson continued in his blog post, is that Democrats will — as usual — learn nothing from the mistakes they made this election cycle.

“So here, at the end of the midterms, Democrats return to screams about democracy. They funded many of the supposed threats to democracy who will beat them. They will learn nothing and forget nothing. After all, it is you, not them, that is the problem. Just ask them. Actually, no need; in less than a week, on MSNBC, they’ll tell you,” he wrote.

Indeed, that is the left’s modus operandi: Pursue a horrible election strategy, and then turn around and demonize voters after the strategy inevitably fails …


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