Lib chick whines the only masculine, chivalrous men she can find are conservative – get a cat, babe!

A liberal TikToker, who is evidently from the Los Angeles area and posts about her hapless dating life, shared a video Thursday complaining that the only really masculine and chivalrous men out there are conservatives and she can’t seem to figure out why.

TikTok user @ms_petch is a self-professed liberal and she longs for a progressive man who is actually, well, a man. Unfortunately for her, she can’t seem to find one.

“Do you want to know one of the saddest realizations I recently had? Was that as a liberal woman, it is really hard to find a man who’s willing to play the more traditional masculine role in the relationship in today’s day and age who is not a conservative,” she carps in the video.

“A man who wants to pay on the first date. Who wants to open your door. Who has that want and desire to take care of you and to provide, who is not a conservative,” she continued.

The woman wants to espouse liberal ideology but be treated with the respect that typically you find in conservative men. Men who are masculine and strong don’t go in for woke pansies. She really can’t have it both ways because her progressive views would likely outweigh her looks with many conservative men.

“And obviously as a liberal woman, I do want to be respected for my independence, and I do want to have my own autonomy in the relationship and not be conformed to the traditional female homemaker, childbearing role,” the leftist whined.

“And most of the men I do date, do have that more natural provider masculinity about them, are, normally, conservative,” the TikToker revealed.

“So, I don’t really know what to do because I don’t want to compromise my morals and values just to find a man. But, am I asking to have my cake and eat it too?” the content creator concluded in the video.

The chyron at the top of the TikTok video read, “Am I asking too much here?!?! To somewhat be equal yet have a man provide and take care of me to some extent?”

She also ran a caption complaining about some of the liberal men she had dated, “All these men out here wanting to split the bill. ON THE FIRST DATE!!!! Whaaaaaaat.”

According to the Daily Mail, the clip has been viewed over a quarter-million times.

She received a ton of criticism for her viewpoint on liberal men. In subsequent videos, she addressed the backlash from her detractors.

In one of them, she reiterated that she just wants a man who has some “traditional values while also being very progressive in social issues.” In another, she cited how she had recently gone on a date with someone who had characteristics from both sides of the political aisle.

She protested that she has “so much more to offer” than being confined “to the home” as a traditional wife. But she still wants a traditional man.

@ms_petch Replying to @Sean Dunoon why cant you have both?!? Traditional and progressive?! #conservative #liberal #politics #love #dating #men #women #marriage #traditional #lovers #couples ♬ original sound – Petch

@ms_petch Literally went on a date with a progressive yet still very traditional man last night lmao who wouldve guessed he wouldve shown up right after THOUSANDS of you said its not out there hahahah #dating #love #traditional #bumble #tinder #marriage #family #men #women #dates #conservative #liberal #libertarian ♬ original sound – Petch

A commenter accurately commented, “No, she can’t have her cake and eat it too. Masculine men want feminine women. Her views don’t align.”

The response was off the charts and probably not what she was looking for:

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