No Americans allowed! Insane footage of taxpayer-funded migrant welcoming center in Chicago

Shocking video shows the lengths to which liberals in Chicago are going to welcome illegal migrants in from the cold, even as “American citizens” freeze at the “homeless camp” down the road.

Ben Bergquam, host of “Law & Border” on Real America’s Voice News (RAV), joined “Behind Enemy Lines” podcast host Terry Newsome and citizen journalist Mark Weyermuller for a street-front tour of a Chicago welcoming center, where he was quickly told no American citizens could be.

“This is all part of the US State Department’s new ‘Welcoming Center’ and ‘Safe Mobility Offices,’ designed to streamline even more illegals into our country without American citizens, knowing about it – with your money!” Bergquam wrote on X.

In January 2023, the State Department announced the creation of the Welcome Corps, “a new private sponsorship program that empowers everyday Americans to play a leading role in welcoming refugees arriving through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and supporting their resettlement and integration as they build new lives in the United States.”

Calling it the “boldest innovation in refugee resettlement in four decades,” the State Department promised the Welcome Corps would “build on Americans’ generosity of spirit by creating a durable program for Americans in communities across the country to privately sponsor refugees from around the world.”

“The Department of State is funding a consortium of non-profit organizations with expertise in welcoming, resettling, and integrating refugees into U.S. communities to support the Welcome Corps,” it stated. “This consortium is being led by the Community Sponsorship Hub, and includes Church World Service, IRIS – Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, the International Refugee Assistance Project, the International Rescue Committee, and Welcome.US.”

In Illinois, through the Department of Human Services, the Welcoming Center (IWC) offices serve as “one-stop human service centers that provide comprehensive and holistic case management and service coordination to immigrants and refugees in a linguistically, culturally sensitive manner.”

The State Department’s Safe Mobility initiative “facilitates expedited refugee processing via the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and provides information and/or referrals to humanitarian parole, family reunification, and labor pathways through and Safe Mobility Offices (SMOs) in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Ecuador.”

The homeless encampment, Bergquam says in the video, where American citizens “are out in the cold,” is “a block down the way, right across from the University of Illinois.”

Meanwhile, at the “the illegal alien welcome center,” arriving migrants are provided with “warming buses.”

“This is Joe Biden’s America for you,” Bergquam states.

He and his crew were repeatedly harassed by local police, migrants, and the center’s staffers while attempting to film it from a public street.

Online, the stunning video has sparked outrage and cries of treason.

“This is infuriating,” one user told Bergquam. “Thank you for shedding some light on this evil deception & corruption against every Illinois taxpayer.”

Melissa Fine


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