Non-binary teacher boasts 1st grader ‘came out as trans’ after she read pronoun book in class

“Libs of TikTok” has once again provided a perfect example of why parents are becoming increasingly worried about sending their children to public schools.

The alleged teacher in the video describes how she is non-binary, and how she volunteered to enter other teachers’ classrooms to educate their children on LGBT concepts. Three “allies or accomplices” took her up on the offer, she says, and from there she proceeded to read a book on pronouns to one of the classes. With a large smile on her face, she announced that when she was finished, one of the first-graders “came out as trans.”

While it’s unverified that this woman is employed as a teacher, just the idea that someone with such ideals may have access to the impressionable minds of young students is enough to make a parent shudder.

Later in the video, she explains that the child allegedly coming out was “such beautiful proof that kids of any age are absolutely capable of accepting anything that they are taught, because her class didn’t bat an eyelid.”


Twitter was not impressed by the woman’s story:

Sierra Marlee


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