Poll reveals most people believe Biden did something illegal or unethical in Hunter’s business deals

Public opinion remained out of President Joe Biden’s favor as a considerable majority of Americans weren’t buying his claims on about his son’s foreign business deals.

“I don’t think you have to be intelligent to see that.”

Just before America First Legal had revealed that then-Vice President Biden had exchanged thousands of emails with his son Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca, a new poll found nearly 70% of respondents were already certain he had acted illegally or unethically in connection to alleged influence-peddling schemes.

The results came after the Associated Press, in conjunction with NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago, asked 1,163 adults nationwide on their views related to the House impeachment inquiry against the incumbent between Oct. 5 and 9.

While 30% of respondents were assured that Biden had “not done anything wrong” in connection with his son’s business arrangements, a combined 68% believed that he had acted either illegally (35%) or at least unethically (33%).

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Broken down further, 40% of Democratic respondents found the president to have acted in the wrong with 8% considering his actions illegal and 32% unethical.

Of the 96% of Republicans who found culpability with Biden, 35% considered his connections unethical while 65% were certain the commander-in-chief had likely acted against the law.

Despite the majority percentage of respondents believing Biden had handled his son’s business deals either unethically or illegally, only about a third were in favor of the impeachment inquiry of the president whereas 39% strongly or somewhat disapproved.

Worth noting, while 26% maintained a degree of neutrality on the investigation, only 54% of respondents said they were familiar with the inquiry at all, suggesting polling was heavily influenced by the biased coverage of corporate media on all things related to Hunter Biden dating back to the original story about the infamous laptop from hell in 2020.

When commenting on the poll, Idaho contractor Hank Gardiner had said when questioned about whether or not Biden had profited from Hunter’s business arrangements, “Absolutely. I don’t think you have to be intelligent to see that.”

Gardiner had voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020, as had retired Tennessee construction worker David Parrott who said, “We’ve spent too much time on this and wasted money. If a father can take care of his son, he’s going to do it. He acted like a father should act.”

Specifically on the likelihood of corruption, Parrott added, “Oh, man. I don’t think either one of them is very ethical at all. This country is all about the money. That’s all either one of them care about: the money.”

The day after AP-NORC concluded their polling, America First Legal detailed their findings from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the National Archives that led to the admission of 19,355 emails from then-Vice President Biden’s office with Rosemont Seneca, the firm co-founded by Hunter Biden who had received 4,242 emails of his own from the office, despite repeated claims of no involvement or knowledge of those business dealings by the president and administration officials.

Similarly connected was Biden’s brother with over 1,750 emails of his own with the VP office and 3,738 with his organization.

Even without the added evidence, a considerable majority maintained disapproval of the president’s overall job performance at 61%, and those numbers grew worse when focus was placed on the economy. In that case, 67% disapproved and 68% disapproved solely on the federal budget.

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