Pro-Palestinians shriek ‘white supremacist’ at smiling, dancing elderly pro-Israel protester

A smiling older man danced his way around a pro-Palestine demonstration in New York City that left protesters apoplectic.

With a smile and wearing an “I Stand With Israel” message, the unidentified man could be seen in a video smiling and dancing away as unhinged demonstrators hurled profanities and him and essentially had a meltdown that he dared to exercise his First Amendment rights during the event in front of the American Museum of Natural History on Saturday.

Shrieks of “white supremacist” rained down on the man who seemed oblivious as he held up a small speaker playing music and dancing before the crowd, singing “Long live Israel,” as seen in a video posted by FreedomNews TV.

“The bespectacled man, who later told police he was a local resident, didn’t appear bothered by the upset he was causing the protestors, several of whom were wearing keffiyehs and masks to hide their faces,” Daily Mail noted. “Members of the crowd became hysterical when the man, who looked to be in his sixties or seventies, planted himself in the center of the activity and began to dance to his music.”

Calling him a “racist,” and a “white supremacist,” protesters also yelled “f**k you motherf**ker” at the man.

“You cops are inciting violence by letting this motherf**ker desecrate humanity,” one particularly outraged woman screeched through a bullhorn at police, missing the irony of her own words.

An officer from the NYPD’s community affairs and others approached the man at one point to steer him away from the increasingly heated scene.

“They’re coming to my neighborhood,” the man told police. and explained, “I live here.”

Social media users quickly celebrated the man’s bravery in going straight into the lion’s den with a smile and a song.

Some on X questioned why the one lone Israel supporter was the only one to be escorted away by police.

Frieda Powers


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