‘Say it ain’t so, Joe’: First major post-debate poll an unmitigated DISASTER for Biden

Post-debate polling was in from one major outlet and the numbers told a harsher tale for President Joe Biden than merely who “won” Thursday.

With only the most zealous of propagandists endeavoring to spin the debate in favor of Biden over former President Donald Trump, the performance was by nearly all accounts a train wreck for the incumbent. Sunday, a quantifiable metric was added to detail just how bad the disaster was for the Democrats as polling revealed how many voters were questioning the president’s fitness to govern.

On Friday and Saturday after the debate, CBS News/YouGov conducted a survey sampling 1,130 registered voters who, among other questions, were asked whether Biden “has the mental & cognitive health to serve as president?”

The results released Sunday showed the opinion, 72% against the president’s faculties, which increased by 7% from a June 9 poll and prompted commentator Clay Travis to challenge the remaining 27% who hadn’t been swayed. “72% of American registered voters say Biden doesn’t have the mental and cognitive health to be president. 27% say he does, which lets you know 27% of Americans don’t have functional brains either.”

In demographic breakdowns on who won the debate, Trump claimed victory in almost every category beating out Biden 61-14% and 52-18% among men and women voters respectively, while trouncing the incumbent among independents 61-8%.

For brackets critical to the Democrats in November like young people, Trump still looked to be the big winner for 42% of viewers over Biden’s 23%.

Those numbers were similar to figures on who inspired confidence with 44% saying the GOP leader and a mere 18% suggesting the same of the current White House occupant, though the figures did not measure which of the candidates the voters would consider casting a ballot for in November.

Overall, Democratic voters, like their media counterparts, were nearly evenly split on whether or not Biden should continue his bid for re-election with about 55% in favor and 45% opposed. In February, the incumbent maintained 64% of his own party’s support for his effort at a second term.

Meanwhile, in a race that will require support beyond each party’s base, among all registered voters the numbers were similar to his mental ability on him dropping out with 72% contending he shouldn’t be running and 28% contending he should.

Those numbers had also worsened from February when only 63% of registered voters thought he should sit the 2024 election out.

Despite that reality, Biden attempted to save face Saturday at one of a series of tristate area fundraisers when New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) hosted the president at his home.

There, he claimed, “Research during the debate shows us converting more undecided voters than Trump did, in large part because of his conduct on Jan. 6. People remember the bad things during his presidency.”

The take was as believable as Biden’s own oft-repeated claim that he only decided to run for president for the third time in his life in 2020 because of what took place in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017.

Kevin Haggerty


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