School Board flees meeting mid-session after Asian mom brings ‘Race to the Bottom’ book for each, parents erupt

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A Virginia school board fled in terror after an Asian mother confronted them on Thursday with copies of a just-released book that exposes the way America’s public schools, particularly those in Virginia’s Fairfax County, have fallen prey to the whims of radical activists.

The Asian mother, Asra Q. Nomani, is herself a former Georgetown University professor and lifelong liberal who switched parties in 2016 because of how far-left the Democrat Party has trended.

Video footage from Thursday’s hearing shows her confronting the overwhelmingly white, all-Democrat Fairfax County School Board with accusations that they’re the real racists.

“You are the new face of racism. I have here a copy of a book for each of you: ‘Race to the Bottom.’ You are all in this book… I hope you read them from cover to cover and see yourselves in the pages of history — as failures,” she says.


The clips were shared by The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak, who also just happens to be the author of “Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education.”

The book essentially details how school districts have become corrupted by radical ideologies, particularly as it relates to race.

“In Race to the Bottom, Luke Rosiak uncovers the shocking reason why American education is failing: Powerful special interest groups are using our kids as guinea pigs in vast ideological experiments. These groups’ initiatives aren’t focused on making children smarter—but on implementing a radical agenda, no matter the effect on academic standards,” the book’s Amazon page description reads.

In Fairfax County, for instance, the school board has been attempting to change the admissions system for one of the district’s prestigious magnet schools to favor blacks and Hispanics but disfavor whites and Asians.

One of the top-rated public schools in the country, the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology has traditionally boasted a mostly Asian student body because of its high admission standards. But this, the Fairfax County School Board has argued, is racist.

And so, buoyed by this radical thinking, the school board has sought to replace the school’s merit-based admissions process with a lottery, in the hopes that doing so would even out the school’s student body so it more closely resembles Fairfax County’s racial demographics.

But, as Nomani made clear while berating them Thursday, the board’s desire to replace the school’s merit-based system because “too many Asians” pass the entrance exam makes them the real racists.

After the school board members reportedly fled the hearing, Nomani then began reading from Rosiak’s book.


Despite the focus during Thursday’s hearing on race, Nomani has become a vocal educational activist who’s lobbied hard on all matters related to the injection of radical ideologies into America’s public school systems.

She went viral last May for slamming the same school board for pushing racial essentialism on students.

She went viral again in November when she appeared on Fox News and displayed some of the radical reading materials that kids in her county are being exposed to.

One book was titled “A is for Activist,” and it included a page with a photograph of a man essentially dressed up as an Antifa extremist. Another book was titled “Gender Queer,” and in it was a cartoon depicting a boy performing oral sex on another boy.

Look (*Graphic content):

Nomani boasts a Substack where she opines frequently about matters related to school indoctrination.

Vivek Saxena


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