Smarmy Joy Reid accepts Herschel Walker debate challenges – on HER TERMS

For all the criticism Herschel Walker has taken from Democratic operatives disguised as cable news talking heads, the Heisman Trophy winner has been up for the challenge as Georgia voters would see when he more than held his own in debating Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, a radical left pastor who was elected to office in a 2020 special run-off election.

Walker does not shy away from the fight and he showed that again this week when he challenged MSNBC host Joy Reid to a debate “any time of the day.”

Reid, an elitist Harvard grad who likes to paint herself as a victim while pushing a racially divisive narrative — New York Post columnist Miranda Divine has called Reid a “racist sociopath” living a life of “elite privilege” — recently attacked Walker over his dialect, or in the eyes of some a slip of the tongue.

During an appearance earlier this week on Fox News, Walker slurred his words to the point his intended remark that “this election is about the people” sounded more like “this erection is about the people.” Reid pounced to say in a tweet: “The ancestors are weeping. And why does he always need these handlers (who can’t even stop him from embarrassing himself.) Just humiliating…”

Of course, we know that if Walker was a Democrat, Reid would be leading the outrage industry on the left in defending his African-American dialect and attacking critics as racists.

As for Walker, he rises above race and talks about one America — which is why he is such a threat to those who use race in an attempt to tear down American society in the quest to rebuild what they see as a better society. The Republican candidate also doesn’t suffer fools easily, as seen Wednesday during an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show, when he challenged Reid to sit down face to face.

“I’d love to debate Joy Reid,” he said. “You know, Senator Warnock, he’s a slick, talking-smooth dressy guy, but in that debate, I took him to school because he found out a lot of things he didn’t know and I can do the same thing with Joy Reid any time of the day.”

“I think people sit on TV and they talk. It’s easy to talk, but I’ve been a man that have worked my whole life,” Walker continued. “I built companies, I’ve signed the front of a paycheck. They’ve never done any of that. They don’t know how to do it. I do. And I say any day of the week she want to debate she can show up here and I’ll debate her as well on any subject.”

So confident in his ability to take on Reid, Walker added, “She can come up with the subject, and let’s go at it.”

Clever by half, a smarmy Reid responded to the challenge while mimicking a ghetto accent to accept Walker’s offer… ON HER TERMS.

She arrogantly told Walker on air that he was welcome to come on her show anytime to debate — a show where Walker will be up against Reid and her entire production team. A scenario where she controls ALL the tangibles, to include final editing powers.


Tom Tillison


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