‘Wrong on every conceivable level’: Dem candidate wants ‘right to sex’ bill because young males aren’t getting enough

While most sane people believe the United States government should stay far away from Americans’ bedrooms, a Democratic Congressional candidate in Pennsylvania thinks the feds need to legislate a “right to sex” because too many men under 30 aren’t having enough meaningless liaisons with gals who would be happy to service them if only prostitution didn’t have such a bad rap.

Words can not adequately express how badly we wish we were joking.

In a lengthy thread that equates girl power with how many notches one has on their bedpost, Alexandria Hunt suggests that a trend toward restraint and responsibility among men is “a sign of much deeper problems.”

And to make the whole thing that much more absurd, Twitter jumped into the conversation and attached to the beginning of Hunt’s thread a note from readers informing folks that Hunt’s chart isn’t talking about virgins, who are apparently allowed to refrain from having premarital sex without it impacting their ability to virtue signal.

In her thread, Hunt explains that violence against women is spiking not because pornography that paints women as squealing blow-up dolls is readily available 24/7 on their computers but because sex is “criminalized” and swept “under the rug.”

We need to be really concerned about this, Hunt says, because men are suffering, and when men suffer, they go nuts.

And here’s where Hunt’s logic gets so twisted into a progressive pretzel, it’s hard to unpack it all.

“The #MeToo movement accomplished so much, & we have to take the next step – normalizing having healthy, positive, consensual sex,” she tweeted. “Decriminalizing sex work, funding sex education, & creating outreach programs that help young people develop healthy sexual habits.”

“We should be moving toward a right to sex,” Hunt argued. “People should be able to have sex when they feel they want to, and we need to develop services that meet people’s needs without attaching the baggage of shame or criminalization. We need to bring these discussions to the spotlight.”

“Normalizing healthy positive sex will have too many downstream benefits to list – we need to move past our history of shame,” Hunt stated. “It’s time to bring sex into the light.”

Thankfully, as Hunt would soon discover, most people think the candidate is out of her mind.

“Your assessment of the problem and proposed solutions are so wrong on every conceivable level that it’s hard to imagine that you have thought about this at all,” replied conservative host Allie Beth Stuckey.

“No. NO,” stated Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw. “If an individual has a ‘right to sex’, that means someone else is compelled to provide that ‘right.'”

“Compulsion is the opposite of consent,” she schooled Hunt. “You are – perhaps unintentionally but still – advocating for rape.”

Tom Farr, a law reform specialist who focuses on abolishing sexual exploitation, was so appalled by Hunt’s unfounded claims, he wrote an 11-part thread to dismantle her “vacuous” argument.

Farr lists several such examples from around the world, including a study from New Zealand, which has decriminalized prostitution, which found that “35% of all prostituted individuals felt that ‘they had to accept a client when they didn’t want to.'”

“Further: ‘there are still some sex workers who are being required to provide commercial sexual services against their will’; 9.8% had been physically assaulted by a client in the previous 12 months, and 3% had been raped by a client in the past 12 months,” he continued. “It also found that ‘the majority (of prostituted individuals) felt that [decriminalisation] could do little about the violence that occurred’. This is to say nothing of the increase in human trafficking and child sexual exploitation that has increased concurrently.”

“Suggesting that a ‘right to sex’ should be enshrined in law demonstrates a total lack of regard for the women & children who will be exploited, abused, & trafficked to meet this ‘demand,'” Farr wrote. “Instead of a ‘right to sex’, how about advocating for a woman’s right to say ‘no.'”


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