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American Wire is a daily independent news service dedicated to bringing our readers accurate, reliable news, analysis, video content and information from a conservative perspective.

AW is part of the publishing division owned by Olympic Media and managed by Michele Kirk and the same experienced editorial team which has successfully built BizPacReview into a trusted conservative brand over the course of a decade.

Our editorial decisions are made completely independent of the parent company and content is not guided by any aspects outside of publishing. If a specific conflict were to arise, BPR would disclose the nature of its relationship with any client or organization.

American Wire generates revenue through display advertising on the website and its email list.

Quickly becoming the go-to destination for people seeking trustworthy, consistent political content, American Wire provides show prep to famous radio show hosts and podcasters as well as to everyday Americans.

We supply the most important political stories in a powerful twice-daily newsletter to influential conservatives, including Bo Snerdley and an army of Rush Limbaugh fans.

We scour the internet to find what’s important to Conservatives.  American Wire covers not just the news, but how fellow Americans and people around the world react to the news of the day. We think the truth is much more powerful and convincing than shutting down voices and managing the message the political parties want you to hear.

We will continue to find and publish timely press releases, compelling opinion pieces and news that lets you feel the pulse of today’s political landscape.

At American Wire, we don’t try to tell you what to think. We want to provide you with all of the relevant information about the day’s most pressing political issues so you can make up your own mind.

The Founders of our country envisioned a press free from government and outside influences and control, to keep citizens informed so they could make informed choices. American Wire seeks to fulfill that vision.

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Corrections Policy:

American Wire endeavors to get every fact correct before publishing a story. In the event that we publish information that is incorrect or has changed in the course of time, we make every effort to correct the error as soon as we are made aware of it. Please contact michele@bizpacreview for corrections.