Kevin McCarthy vows no ‘blank check’ for Ukraine if GOP retakes House

Whether it be ignoring the crisis at the southern border or seeking new ways to undermine the Constitution, progressive government officials have continued to show that the […]

Dems say Biden exec. actions on student loan debt, marijuana aimed at boosting voter turnout

With three weeks left until the midterm elections, even Democrats are willing to admit President Joe Biden’s recent executive actions are “theater” essentially meant to buy votes, […]

Tour inside NYC’s digs for illegals: TVs, Xboxes, cell phones, popcorn machines, laundry folding service

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) may like to claim that he never asked for an illegal alien crisis and while his policies to date have […]

Kari Lake brings receipts! Fireball candidate pits 20-yr-old campaign staffer against ‘seasoned’ reporters

Be it her than 20 years covering the news or her inclination to put facts first, Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has remained unflappable before […]

‘Does she know the internet exists?’ Stacey Abrams denies her election denial and sends heads to desks

With all of the hubbub that Democrats and corporate media have made over “the big lie” and Republicans raising concerns over election integrity, the left has had […]

‘How dare you, sir!’ Typically reserved Mike Lee goes off when opponent questions his patriotism

A typically reserved Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) got heated Monday night during his debate with self-described independent opponent Evan McMullin who challenged his faithfulness to the Constitution: […]

Crying libs can’t figure out what’s ‘wrong’ with Gen X when poll shows how they vote

Recent polling conducted by The New York Times led one age group to trend on social media, but when liberals saw the reason why lamentation and rage […]

‘Operation Dark Storm’: WH appears inspired by The Matrix with plan to reflect sunlight away from Earth

The public-private partnership is treading down paths normally reserved for post-apocalyptic science fiction as the White House revealed its five-year plan to combat climate change, ripped straight […]

Gavin Newsom’s wife called Weinstein for advice after he allegedly raped her, but she feared he would assault Malia Obama

With jury selection underway for movie mogul and previously convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein’s second trial facing sexual assault charges, an e from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-Calif.) […]

Twelfth person pushed on subway tracks, Mayor Adams says he’s dealing with ‘the perception’ of fear

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) may have set out to combat out of control crime, but after a twelfth person was pushed on the subway […]

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