Biden’s July 4th speech was missing something big; team does cleanup a few hours later

An Independence Day tainted with tragedy was only further marred by President Joe Biden whose initially dismissive passing remarks of the parade deaths outside Chicago were later […]

Mass shooting suspect, quickly pegged as ‘pro-Trump right-wing nut job,’ is rapper named ‘Awake’

Investigations are still underway after a tragic shooting at an Independence Day celebration outside Chicago left six dead and more than two dozen wounded. But the reality […]

Ex-DHS official raises red flag over release of illegal immigrants caught with enough fentanyl to kill millions

(Video: Fox News) Following the reported arrest and release of two alleged illegal immigrants with enough fentanyl to kill millions, a former official from the Department of […]

Group deep in ‘Soros’s pocket’ behind ‘gender identity’ changes to Dept of Education’s Title IX: report

As troubling as President Joe Biden’s Department of Education’s (DOE) proposed changes to Title IX are on their own, the “dark money” origin of the policy promoting […]

‘Wretched woman’: There’s a big bug in Hillary Clinton’s personal story bashing Clarence Thomas

(Video: CBS) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may claim that she has no interest in a 2024 presidential bid, but her actions prove her to be […]

Amazon employees demand company cease business with anti-abortion states, want time off to ‘grieve’

Thanks to acolytes of woke ideologies, it really has never been clearer that progressives and their ilk have no interest in compromise or coexisting, no matter what […]

1 million voters ditch Dems for GOP with notable demographic shift, study finds

Displeasure with the direction of the country under Democratic leadership isn’t the only indicator that the left is in trouble heading toward the midterms as a new […]

Kamala Harris squashes filibuster idea: ‘The votes aren’t there’

(Video: CNN) Infuriated Democrats are crying out for their political leaders to make their demands a reality, but Vice President Kamala Harris, who claimed “we are in […]

Top aide interrupts after mic catches Macron telling Biden ‘game-changing’ news about oil

French President Emmanuel Macron cornered President Joe Biden in a hot mic moment Monday that worsened concerns about an escalation of the energy crisis only to have […]

Head of Texas safety calls Uvalde response ‘abject failure’, parents demand police chief be fired

Testifying before a Texas state Senate committee hearing Tuesday, Director Steve McCraw of the Texas Department of Public Safety declared the response to the massacre in Uvalde, […]

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