Schiff rushes to Liz Cheney’s defense over reports that Jan 6 committee staff turned on her

The final report from the partisan Jan. 6 committee is forthcoming and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) found himself in the unenviable position of having to defend outgoing […]

Dems gearing up shadow group ‘war rooms’ to defend Biden from GOP oversight, accountability

As Republicans gear up to investigate the wrongdoings of President Joe Biden’s administration, Democratic allies aren’t being shy about their use of dark money networks to manipulate […]

Trump calls Merrick Garland’s ‘totally compromised’ choice for special counsel a ‘political hit man’

Former President Donald Trump has been far from mum on the Justice Department’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate him and Sunday morning he lambasted the […]

In the mother of all ironies, UK players kneel before World Cup match as US players remain standing

There has been all sorts of virtue signaling at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Friday was no exception leading to outrage from both sides when […]

Here are 42 Biden administration officials on House Republicans’ accountability list

Republicans have been clamoring for investigations and accountability throughout President Joe Biden’s administration and with their slim margin gained from the midterms they have vowed to begin […]

Biden bites tongue when asked about Nick Fuentes dining with Trump; former president offers update

Corporate media sought to extend the hubbub surrounding the reportedly uninvited Nick Fuentes dining with his “hero,” former President Donald Trump, Saturday when they pressed President Joe […]

MSNBC anchor runs interference for Mayorka, says House GOP ‘bullying’ him with impeachment ‘threat’

Brazenly covering for President Joe Biden’s failures has led some in corporate media to behave as though they were backed into a corner when the potential of […]

Disney reportedly shelled out $10m for Bob Iger to advise recently-ousted CEO Bob Chapek

Disney’s efforts to salvage its tanking reputation with the ousting of CEO Bob Chapek and the return of Bob Iger were not all as they appeared as […]

‘Not in front of the elders’: Bride defends clip of her giving new hubby NSFW lap dance

A mother of three posted a six-second clip of her lap dancing for her husband at their wedding reception and quickly racked up than 5.6 million […]

How ‘Melrose Place’ star Jillian Barberie battled cancer, addiction and how Heather Locklear helped

After battling breast cancer and addiction, television host and actress Jillian Barberie recently spe about traumas she has been through, the help she got from fellow star […]

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