‘There were these young girls’: Kevin Spacey dishes on flying with Bill Clinton aboard Epstein’s plane

Scandalized star Kevin Spacey’s appearance on the flight logs of the infamous “Lolita Express” had the actor owning up to the details involving former President Bill Clinton, […]

‘Biden doesn’t exist’: Joe Rogan points to ‘mysterious cabal of humans’ running America

Crying “elder abuse,” podcast phenom Joe Rogan dropped his theory on the “mysterious cabal” really in charge of the White House. “I’m of the opinion… that Biden […]

PBS anchor comically claims Trump speeches ‘not at all coherent’ compared to Biden

Public broadcasting propaganda orchestrated a “split-screen” comparison to sell which of the two leading presidential candidates was “not at all coherent.” Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t President Joe […]

Fitness center bans U.S. flag except on holidays, calls ‘Pride’ and BLM symbols ‘freedom of expression’

Following a competitor down the rainbow road to ruin, another gym chain’s favor for “Pride” and “BLM” while snubbing Old Glory was the focus of a reported […]

Trump shoots down ‘ridiculous’ WaPo report on mandatory military service

Deflective doom-saying from the Washington Post had former President Donald Trump slapping down a “ridiculous idea” about his alleged plans for conscription. While Russian naval vessels conducted […]

‘You’re a Piece of Garbage’: Republican Congressman blasts Paul Ryan for trashing Trump on Fox News

A former speaker of the House was slammed as a “piece of garbage” after using Fox News airtime to rag on former President Donald Trump. (Video Credit: […]

‘I f—ing hate liberals’: Comedian Bill Burr does not mince words at leftist mecca

A comedian’s declaration before a crowd at the University of California, Berkeley stirred up a new spin on cancel culture and the First Amendment. “I f–king hate […]

Stephanopoulos offers CNN one ‘very simple’ question to stump Trump during debate

George Stephanopoulos’ media circuit against the former president continued with one “very simple” question he’d camp out on during the upcoming debate. “If you can’t pass that […]

Tucker: FBI ‘every bit the politicized secret police force you feared.’ So, why is GOP ‘rewarding’ them?

Newly revealed documents marked a potential “tipping point” and had Tucker Carlson suggesting one federal agency “is every bit the politicized secret police force you feared it […]

‘Creepy spyware’: Elon Musk threatens to ban all Apple devices from his companies over Open AI integration

The latest artificial intelligence announcement from Apple has tech mogul Elon Musk threatening to ban their devices from his companies as an “unacceptable security violation.” On Monday, […]

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