Media no longer covering COVID data in Florida amid downturn in cases because it’s a threat to lockdowns: Travis, Sexton

The major media has stopped its coverage of COVID-19 cases in Florida amid a steep fall in new cases because doing so would threaten Democratic leaders around […]

Alex Jones found legally responsible in two cases stemming from Sandy Hook massacre

Talk radio host Alex Jones, best known for spreading government conspiracy theories, has been found liable in a pair of cases stemming from the massacre of first-grade […]

Biden’s prospect for OCC believes in Soviet-style economics, calls to ‘end banking as we know it’

President Joe Biden is expected to nominate a law professor who wants to end traditional banking to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). […]

Dozens of U.S. lawmakers sign letter demanding release of Marine officer imprisoned for speaking out

At least 36 members of Congress have signed onto a letter demanding the release of a Marine officer sent to the brig after he continued to carp […]

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