Denver councilwoman calls for race-based tax on white-owned businesses to pay reparations

The idea that white people who have never owned slaves should have their money and property forcibly taken by the government in order to pay reparations to blacks who have never been in chains is gaining popularity among left-wing politicians, with the media enabling the madness by failing to adequately criticize those who advocate for such measures.

With reparations study committees and initiatives sprouting like mushrooms after a spring rain, one Democrat Denver city councilwoman is calling for white-owned businesses to be mandated to cough up their hard-earned money in the form of a race-based tax with the spoils to be doled out to undeserving black business owners to compensate them for imaginary past repression, a big winner with the “woke” leftists who put her in office but completely un-American, if not totally illegal, in the reality-based world.

During a recent public forum, Candi CdeBaca who identifies as a Democratic Socialist called for the discriminatory tax, saying that “Capitalism was built on stolen land, stolen labors, and stolen resources,” an assertion that has been made by commies since at least the 19th century when Karl Marx’s influential “The Communist Manifesto” was first published.

CdeBaca’s proposal drew national headlines after a video of her call for shaking down white business owners was posted to the popular Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

The 37-year-old CdeBaca, who is facing a runoff election in the Mile High City’s District 9 next month, proposed that a business improvement district (BID) could be used to levy the tax that would place an unfair tax burden upon white people.

“A BID is a quasi-governmental agency created by a vote of business owners in a specific area. The BID has the ability to level taxes based on assessment for a variety of purposes,” according to Denver’s 9 News.

“You could be collecting those extra taxes from white-led businesses all over the city and redistributing them to black and brown-owned businesses,”  she said.

CdeBaca’s proposal to punish white people by stealing their money under the pretense of taxation didn’t sit well with many on Twitter who expressed their feelings about her scheme.

The councilwoman’s office reacted to the negative comments after she posted a video of her remarks to TikTok by conjuring a familiar boogeyman, claiming that she was “targeted by a white nationalist mob.”

“I will not be silenced by the far-right playbook,” said CdeBaca. “A nuanced discussion about reparations is necessary, but that opportunity has been taken from us by the right-wing outrage machine. This kind of discussion is not going to happen in this media landscape.”

Mile high madness for sure, but Denver voters keep electing Democrats so they have only themselves to blame for the ruination of a once great city.

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Chris Donaldson


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