Exotic dancers greet Kamala Harris as she arrives in Africa – can visit reboot VP’s trajectory?

Vice President Kamala Harris will have another opportunity to showcase her leadership skills on a trip to Africa where she is spearheading the Biden administration’s efforts to […]

Gwyneth Paltrow buried in avalanche of ridicule over ‘I lost half a day of skiing’ remark, fellow celebs join mockery

Social media users pounced on actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s haughty remarks during her skiing vacation crash trial that some see as being the epitome of the sneering condescension […]

Georgia homeowner shoots, kills intruder as neighbors cook up breakfast

The home intruder who believed that the predawn hours would be a perfect time to break into an Atlanta area home got the biggest surprise of his […]

Biden tries to blame Republicans for fentanyl, cutting border security, it boomerangs BIGLY

President Joe Biden to another cheap shot at “MAGA Republicans,” a favorite pejorative term that he often uses since trotting it out last year for dramatic effect, […]

Legal expert Alan Dershowitz says Bragg could be disbarred if dares to put star witness on the stand

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is likely hoping that Monday will be a fresh start after the grand jury in his abusive prosecution of former President Donald […]

UFC superstar Holly Holm denounces sexualization of children in post-fight remarks: ‘It’s really sad’

ed martial arts and UFC superstar Holly Holm posted her first major win in two and a half years during Saturday night’s action in San Antonio, TX […]

House Republicans punch back at Alvin Bragg snub in scathing letter to Soros-backed DA

House Republicans reacted strongly to Alvin Bragg after the Manhattan District Attorney who is trying to indict former President Donald J. Trump on ginned-up charges over an […]

‘Ridin’ with Biden’: Taliban shares pics of US military rigs gifted to them – Twitter reacts to the humiliation

The Biden administration’s surrender of Afghanistan to the terrorist Taliban has been described by some as the greatest foreign policy disaster that the United States of America […]

Trump encourages ‘badass’ Marjorie Taylor Greene to mount Senate run: ‘I would fight like hell for you’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s political career could include a promotion to the U.S. Senate, at least if former President Trump has any say in the matter and […]

Hijinks ensue when MSNBC analyst claims the walls are REALLY closing in on Trump this time

There have been years of false alarms but this time the walls really are closing in on former President Donald J. Trump, just take it from MSNBC […]

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