Dem governor turns on Biden, releases proof of deal to tap pro-life judge day before Roe was overturned

Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Andy Beshear’s office has released a follow-up email confirming that President Joe Biden planned to nominate an anti-abortion federal judge on the day that […]

Perino recalls when Biden, and dems OPPOSED Bush’s pick on path of first black woman to SCOTUS

(Video: Fox News) President Joe Biden’s determination to make history by tapping the first black woman to the Supreme Court may be rooted in something far more […]

Laughing thug says he can’t wait to ‘f**k up’ next police funeral after watching tribute in NYC

When New York’s finest turned out in massive numbers to honor a slain brother in arms, some disrespectful miscreants used the occasion of the funeral for Jason […]

Spice company begs for customers back after ‘Republicans are racists weekend!’ ad backfired

A national spice company’s divisive holiday promotion has spectacularly backfired leaving its leftist owner begging for customers to load up on gift cards to make up for […]

Dems confident in Ga. as midterm strategy unfolds: ‘Abrams and Raphael are Batman and Catwoman’

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE Democrats may be on the way to a national shellacking in this year’s midterm […]

Maher jokes he’s ‘a hero at Fox’ because he calls out ‘small contingent’ of ‘mental’ liberals leading Dems

Bill Maher has been on a heck of a roll lately and the one prominent liberal celebrity who has dared to call out Democrats for their surrender […]

Leaked video shows frustrated border patrol agents confronting leadership: ‘Good men are doing nothing!’

Morale issues continue to plague the dedicated professionals who are tasked with controlling the porous southern border and who have had their hands tied by President Joe […]

Laura Ingraham rips radical left teacher’s union pact with sketchy ‘fact checkers’ to filter your kids’ news

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE (Video: Fox News) Fox News host Laura Ingraham called out the effort by one […]

University admissions counselor ‘re-assigned’ after calling Republicans an ‘oppressive group’

An admissions counselor at a prominent South Carolina university has been reassigned from her position as a result of an ill-advised social media posting where she expressed […]

Inbound Georgetown law director in hot water with univ brass for ‘appalling’ criticism of Biden’s SCOTUS criteria

In a preview of things to come after President Joe Biden made it clear that his first Supreme Court pick will prioritize racial identity by tapping a […]

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