Dueling protesters throw down at UCLA as Star-Spangled Banner plays

A California campus clash set to a “Star-Spangled” score framed the stark contrast between Israel and Hamas supporters that featured a professional boxer and a man with a sword.

The ongoing and spreading occupation of college campuses across America by terrorist sympathizers was met with an organized counterprotest on Sunday at UCLA. Despite barricades and a security presence meant to keep demonstrations separated, reports indicated that the anti-Israel crowd had made their way into the pro-Israel scene.

Video captured the conflict as “The Star-Spangled Banner” was performed and pushing, shoving, shouting and arm-linking took place before a backdrop of American, Israeli and Palestinian flags.

Reporting on location, Taylor Schaub of Spectrum News explained, “We had protesters walk through — these are pro-Palestinian protesters — walk through, kind of push their way into the pro-Israeli area here; pushing, shoving, fighting their way in. And now they’ve occupied the other half of the grass lawn that you see behind me.”

“And both sides are kind of just going back and forth right now. There’s a lot of shouting. There’s a lot of name calling. There’s been some fighting,” he added as Spectrum colleague Logan Hall shared some of the tense meetings before the LAPD were brought in to disperse crowds.

Elsewhere, police were seen with their sidearms drawn as they encountered a man wearing a beret, accompanied by a dog, with a sword on the ground in front of him. That man turned and walked away from the officers as one retrieved the weapon and an onlooker decried, “A sword bro? A sword? What the f*ck are you doing, pigs?”

In another heated moment, boxer David Kaminsky was seen in a shouting match with the pro-Hamas participants “Daring them to try him” before being steered away.

In her own statement on the day’s conflict, UCLA spokesperson Mary Osako had said, “This morning, a group of demonstrators breached a barrier that the university had established separating two groups of protestors on our campus, resulting in physical altercations.”

“UCLA has a long history of being a place of peaceful protest, and we are heartbroken about the violence that broke out,” she added.

Of course, the day was not entirely filled with violence as images from the pro-Israel demonstration showed those gathered peacefully waving flags and dancing along with a festival atmosphere to music performed from the stage.

Elsewhere, some fun was had at the expense of the anti-Israel encampment as the social media user identified as “The Flag Guy” shared video of an unrequested wakeup call. Carrying both an American and an Israeli flag, he could be heard blasting audio of a rooster while shouting near the tents in the pre-dawn hour, “Wake up commies. Wake up!”

Kevin Haggerty


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