Horror mogul Stephen King’s jab at Donald Trump for ‘cheating’ comes back to haunt him

Hardcore Trump hater and bestselling author Stephen King is among of the pack of celebrities who have spent years sniping at the former president on Twitter and the horror mogul just couldn’t resist piling on with his hot take on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s malicious prosecution of the 2024 Republican frontrunner in a case centering around a “hush money” payment to pornographic movie “actress” Stormy Daniels.

Some leftists have tried to shame conservatives into rejecting Trump on the basis of his alleged affair with Daniels, a veteran of dozens of smut films including such enduring cultural classics as “Young & Anal,” “P*ssy Sweat” and “Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre,” by appealing to their moral aversion to adultery over the alleged sexual hookup which allegedly took place years before the billionaire businessman had entered into the political realm.

One of those was Maine’s most famous resident outside of RINO Senator Susan Collins who sought to shift the focus from the New York City grand jury’s indictment of Trump in Bragg’s flimsy case to one of his allegedly fooling around behind the back of his spouse, former first lady Melania Trump.

“Trump defenders blithely ignore the fact that he cheated on his wife,” King tweeted.

However, the “master of horror” was soon haunted by his poorly thought-out jab at the ex-POTUS which immediately came back to bite him as other Twitter users were quick to point out the extramarital dalliances of another former U.S. president, Bill “Slick” Willie Clinton who not only sexually frolicked with a young intern named Monica Lewinsky IN the White House but famously used her as a cigar humidor.


Then there is the matter of the current White House occupant.

Other reactions to King’s unintended Twitter boomerang.



King’s tweet is yet another example of how hypocrisy is the coin of the realm in the left-wing fantasy world.

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Chris Donaldson


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