Iranian model wears shocking noose gown to Cannes Film Festival in protest of Iran’s executions

An Iranian-born model named Mahlagha Jaberi shocked the Cannes Film Festival by wearing a noose dress to raise awareness over a string of barbaric and brutal executions carried out in Iran, dedicating a video on Instagram to her country’s people concerning the atrocities.

The political fashion statement has divided the internet, enraging some and winning over others. The 33-year-old is taking a stand against the Iranian regime and her message has gone viral.

In recent weeks, Iran has executed a number of citizens by hanging. The Biden administration has condemned Iran over it and has told the mullahs to “not carry out these executions.” That all but ensured the Islamic regime would do just that to thumb its nose at the Great Satan. In 18 days, Iran has carried out at least 90 executions, making May the “bloodiest month” in the nation over the last five years, according to the Norway-based Iran Human Rights group. The country witnessed over 500 executions in 2022.

Jaberi’s video and gown have swept the Internet with journalists, political commentators, and government officials either praising it or castigating the model for her protest video.

(Video Credit: Mahlagha Jaberi)

The Express Tribune reported, “In 2021, at least 333 people were executed in Iran, with official sources announcing only 16.5% of these cases. Shockingly, 83.5% of all executions (278 in total) were not disclosed by the authorities. The report indicated that 55% of the executions were for murder charges, while 38% were related to drug offenses, a significant increase compared to the previous year. Notably, none of the drug-related executions were reported by official sources.”

According to Amnesty International, “‘The use of the death penalty increased and public executions resumed,’ in 2022. Furthermore, the official website states, ‘Two young men were arbitrarily executed in relation to the nationwide uprising after sham trials and without advance notice to their families, while scores of others were under the sentence of death or remained on trial for overly broad capital charges.'”

Amnesty International also stated, “Executions increased from the previous year, and public executions resumed after a two-year hiatus. The authorities used the death penalty as a tool of political repression against protesters, dissidents, and ethnic minorities. The oppressed Baluchi minority made up a disproportionate number of those executed. Several people were executed for offenses that occurred when they were children; scores of others who were below 18 years of age at the time of the crime remained on death row.”

Leftist journalist Yashar Ali was outraged over the model’s video, calling it “disgraceful.”

“As innocent Iranians are being executed, @MahlaghaJaberi thought it would be a good idea to wear a dress that has a noose sown into it and then film a seductive video using a song that has become an anthem for protestors. Absolutely disgraceful all around. And then to end the video with ‘stop executions’ and no other context or information makes it unhelpful!” he declared.

Not everyone agrees with Ali, however. Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Doran commented that Jaberi’s dress was an “eye-catching” form of “protest.”

Anton Gerashchenko, who is the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, called her “brave.”

“Iranian-born model Mahlagha Jaberi arrived to Cannes Film Festival wearing a dress that resembled a noose – to draw attention to awful executions taking place in Iran. More than 200 people were executed in Iran this year alone. Another brave woman. Maybe if women were the majority in politics, there would be no more wars? What do you think?” Gerashchenko stated.

The model posted to her Instagram account a clarification concerning the dress.

“76th Cannes Film Festival 2nd look,” she wrote. “My dress designed by @jilaatelier. We wanted to make a fashion statement to observe the glamour of Cannes, but more importantly, to bring media attention to the wrongful executions of Iranian people. Unfortunately, political statements are not allowed at the film festival and the security stopped me from showing the back of my dress, but the ‘noose’ meaning was well understood.”


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Vedant Patel, who is the principal deputy spokesperson for the US State Department, condemned Iran’s string of executions.

“We join the people of Iran and the international community in calling on Iran to not carry out these executions. The execution of these men – after what have been widely regarded as sham trials – would be an affront to human rights and basic dignity in Iran and everywhere,” Patel asserted.

The dress engendered others to “stand” with the model in protest as well.

Fox News reported, “The Iranian-regime-controlled Mizan News Agency, which is affiliated with the country’s opaque judiciary, reported that Saleh Mirehashemi, Majid Kazemi, and Saeed Yaqoubi were executed on May 19 in a prison [in] the city of Isfahan.”

“What we’re witnessing in Iran are not executions, but extrajudicial mass killings to create societal fear to maintain power,” Iran Human Rights Director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam declared, according to Fox News.

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