‘Asylum seeker’ whose deportation was blocked by flight’s cabin crew goes on to rape 15-yr-old girl

A British asylum-seeking migrant who had his deportation blocked by a leftist Air France cabin crew that wouldn’t allow his flight to take off is now pleading […]

‘This is the way!’ Watch as middle school girls REFUSE to throw shot put against male competitor

Five West Virginia middle school girls refused to compete against a transgender in shot put two days after the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked a law […]

Biden to block oil and gas drilling on 13 million acres in Alaska as part of Earth Day celebration

Just before Earth Day, President Biden will continue his pandering to climate activists in an election year by banning oil and gas drilling on 13 million acres […]

WaPo columnist uncorks doomsday take in racially infused diatribe: ‘Many will not survive’

A Washington Post opinion columnist named Karen Attiah to racism to a new low on Tuesday, claiming that many people of color “will not survive” unless a […]

Utah students walk out in protest of ‘furries’ allegedly allowed to harass them in school: ‘They bite… scratch us…’

On Wednesday, normal Utah students made a statement about “furries” allegedly scratching, biting, growling, and pouncing on them by walking out in protest from Mt. Nebo Middle […]

NYPD dismantles illegal street vendors inundating AOC’s district, but many return with their shady merch

As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whines about racism and Republicans, her district is repeatedly invaded by foreign street vendors. “The NYPD raided an illegal open-air ‘flea market’ operating […]

Expert warns Chinese EVs could secretly monitor, collect data on American drivers

Chinese electric vehicles (EVs) could potentially spy on Americans, handing over drivers’ data to the communist government. “Automotive expert Mike Caudill says American drivers ought to ‘absolutely […]

Tom Cotton offers BRUTAL example on ‘how’ to deal with ‘pro-Hamas mobs’

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) set the left’s hair on fire after encouraging Americans to “take matters into their own hands” and physically remove anti-Israel protesters who blocked […]

John Legend takes stupid to new level, claims Trump ‘benefiting’ from two-tiered justice system

Singer John Legend thinks that former President Trump isn’t being politically persecuted but is instead benefitting from a “two-tiered” legal system. Numerous leftists, including Legend, are making […]

Crushing $5 TRILLION tax increase to hit nearly every American comes with a new Biden term, Norquist warns

President of American Tax Reform Grover Norquist is warning that if President Biden is re-elected, his tax plan will hammer just about every segment in America into […]

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