Gavin Newsom’s in-laws embarrass Dem politician with their ‘Top Gov’ donation

In an incredibly embarrassing development for uber-leftist California Governor Gavin Newsom, a family trust connected to his in-laws reportedly donated $5,000 to his arch-rival in Florida, Governor […]

Michigan AG responds to concerned parents, says there should be a ‘drag queen for every school!’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel tossed morality out the window, proclaiming that drag queens should be in “every school,” that they “are fun,” and “make everything better.” […]

NYC lawyers who threw Molotov cocktail into police car during George Floyd riots strike plea deal

Two radicalized New York attorneys who tossed a Molotov cocktail in a police car during the George Floyd protests, have struck a plea deal and could get […]

MSNBC flack slams religious right’s ‘obsession’ with homeschooling, accuses parents of insidious racism

MSNBC columnist and University of Pennsylvania professor, Anthea Butler, published a piece on Thursday baselessly asserting that homeschooling is the religious right’s “insidious way to circumvent” the […]

Docs seized by Navy SEALS show Osama bin Laden planned another terror attack in US after 9/11

The terrorist mastermind behind 9/11, the late Osama bin Laden, evidently plotted to conduct a second attack on America using charter planes and train derailments according to […]

Elon Musk reportedly talking to investors about plan B after Twitter deployed poison pill

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is reportedly not deterred by Twitter’s “Poison Pill,” which was employed to dilute his stock holdings and prevent a hostile takeover […]

Joy Reid wonders if Republicans even care they’ll come down on ‘Dixiecrat side of history’ over KBJ

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE (Video Credit: MSNBC) MSNBC host Joy Reid once again likened Senate Republicans to […]

Students give teachers and principal lap dances in lingerie at KY high school homecoming event

  (Video Credit: WHAS11) An investigation is underway after shocking photos surfaced showing male students in lingerie at Hazard High School in Kentucky giving teachers and the […]

Republican anti-Trump group endorses 11 Democrats to keep MAGA from rehappening

A group claiming to be Republicans endorsed a number of Democrats and moderate Republicans on Thursday for the 2022 midterm elections in an effort to stop those […]

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