Jonathan Karl confronts Raskin on Biden lying about Hunter not getting money from China

Democrats are twisting themselves into knots trying to shift the spotlight away from the corruption of the Biden clan and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) ducked a tough question from ABC’s Jonathan Karl by shifting attention to former President Donald J. Trump.

A veteran of the second failed impeachment and the now-defunct January 6 select committee, the former college professor appeared on Sunday’s edition of ABC’s “This Week” where the hot topic was Attorney General Merrick Garland’s naming of a special counsel to probe Hunter Biden.

Karl’s questions were veering into uncomfortable territory for the left-wing lawmaker when he asked about the president’s lying about his son’s getting money from China.

(Video: ABC News)

“So, I want to ask you more about the – some of the stuff that the Republicans have been highlighting regarding Hunter Biden,” he said. “You know, we’ve seen …we saw Donald …you know, we saw Joe Biden at one point say that Hunter Biden had no dealings, got no money from China.”

“We now see from Hunter’s own words that that’s not true,” Karl continued. “Does any of this raise concerns for you? You know, the money from Ukraine, the money from China, the money from Russia? Does any of this, you know…whether or not it’s criminal, whether or not it warrants special counsel status, are you concerned by the… about this stuff?”

Rather than answer Karl’s question about the president’s big lie, Raskin played the Trump card, pivoting to the former 2024 GOP frontrunner and his family.

“Here’s what I’m concerned about,” the congressman said as he spun a web of misinformation about the former president. “During the Trump administration, we saw the development of a completely new public philosophy, which is that government is not an instrument of the common good in the public interest. Government is an instrument for private self-enrichment, for the guy who gets in, for his family, for his private businesses. And that’s a model that we’re seeing all over the world now…”

“But you don’t approve of that model, obviously,” Karl said, to which the Democrat replied that he did not.

“That’s what Putin is doing,” exclaimed Raskin, another favorite method of distraction for leftists, invoking the name of the villainous Russian leader, as he rattled off the names of other foreign strongmen.

“But it’s new for America, that somebody would get in and basically just say you know, everything is corrupt and I’m just as corrupt as the next guy and I’m gonna take money as Trump did,” he added, seeming to imply that it was the billionaire real estate magnate who was on the take from China and other countries, a lie worthy of the dreaded “Four Pinocchios” that went unchallenged by Karl.

Now fully rolling with his concocted narrative, Raskin executed the bait and switch from the Biden family to Trump’s.

“Look, you know, his son-in-law Jared Kushner pocketed a cool $2 billion from Saudi Arabia,” referring to an investment that his firm received after Trump’s presidency that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer recently said “crossed the line of ethics” but really has nothing to do with the price of rice in China as far as Karl’s original question about Joe and Hunter Biden.

The congressman also said that Democrats plan to “release a report about all of the foreign government emoluments — millions of dollars — we can document that Donald Trump pocketed at the hotels at the golf courses to business deals when he was president and that his family got,” using the arcane constitutional clause that was little known until Democrats dusted it off as a weapon to use against Trump.

Raskin’s verbal chicanery was a success and he was able to run out the clock on the segment without ever answering Karl’s original question.

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Chris Donaldson


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