Journalist slammed for reporting ‘both sides’ of story about man with AR-15 protesting near school bus stop

Leftists are freaking out after Tolly Taylor, a journalist with WBAL-TV, dared to report “both sides” of a story involving a man named J’Den McAdory who brandished an AR-15 near a school bus stop for over three weeks while he protested a recently enacted gun control law in Maryland.

(Video Credit: WBALTV)

The man lives in Severn, Maryland. A number of parents were enraged and scared by the protest but there are just as many other people who were supporting the man’s Second Amendment rights.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed gun-control measures into law on Tuesday, and the National Rifle Association quickly filed a federal lawsuit against them, according to CBS News. The law requires people to demonstrate a particular need to get a license to carry a concealed gun in public.

Taylor covered the story for WBALTV and teased his segment on Twitter, stating, “Tonight on @wbaltv11: A man with an AR-15 has been showing up for weeks to a school bus drop off for local elementary school students. Parents say their kids are afraid, the man says he’s protesting @GovWesMoore’s new gun control law. You’ll hear from both sides at 5+6pm.”

That was just enough objective reporting to cause a meltdown on the left who want the reporter’s head for daring to actually do his job.

“This is the intersection where parents typically pick up their kids from the bus,” Taylor stated. “Because of the man with the AR-15, the elementary school decided to delay dismissal on Monday.”

Taylor ran cellphone footage taken by a parent named Jamie Sparrow that showed a school bus dropping off children while McAdory held a rifle which is legal to open carry in Maryland.

Sparrow carped that the man had been there for three weeks and expressed fear that he would kill someone.

“I feel like if we don’t do something about it now, then we’ll be talking again,” Sparrow asserted. “And it’ll be too late at that point.”

The parent then recounted a comment that he claims McAdory made to him and his children.

“He said, ‘You guys are looking at me like a bunch of scared bowling pins,’” the parent recalled. “Wow. Bowling pins. You know what I mean? I guess you’re the bowling ball if we’re the bowling pins.”

“They train to hide if this thing enters their school, and it’s right there,” said another parent named Michael Haley. “How can they not be a little nervous about that? How can it not give them anxiety?”

Taylor then gave McAdory a chance to air his side of the story. It’s called fair and honest reporting.

“Guns can be safe if it’s controlled by the right person. I really wasn’t coming out here for the kids,” McAdory told him. “I was coming out here to show people that this is legal.”

“For parents who might ask, ‘Just because you can do this, does that mean that you should do this?’” Taylor asked McAdory.

“No, it does not mean that,” he answered. “But I think that if I do this enough, that it will create enough deterrence from crime in the area.”

“I really want people to understand,” he said. “I mean no harm to no one. I’m actually a deterrent away from the crime we always have here.”

On Thursday, McAdory told Taylor that he had come to an agreement with school district officials that he wouldn’t protest during school pickup or drop-off times.

Taylor reported that in recent days police have upped their presence in the area to “ease growing concerns” among children and parents.

Leftists came unglued and predictably screamed for more gun control. So much for the First Amendment or the Second Amendment.

Former White House press secretary turned MSNBC talking head, Jen Psaki, tore into the coverage, “Nope…there are not two sides of bringing an assault weapon to an elementary school bus stop.”

Psaki’s colleague and fellow radical Mehdi Hasan just couldn’t help himself either, “‘Both sides’? Seriously? I feel like I am losing my mind. STOP WITH THE BOTHSIDES-ISM!”

Civil rights attorney Scott Hechinger put in his two cents worth as well, “A man is terrorizing parents & elementary school students at a bus stop with a f**king AR-15 and this f**king news station is going to have its audience ‘hear from both sides.'”

New York Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman also screeched over the coverage, inciting violence no less, “This is some awful blasé framing for a situation in which, as others have noted, a parent would likely be justified in using lethal force against this dude on the spot.”

Rolling Stone reporter Nikki McCann Ramírez couldn’t resist taking a jab at the protester, “I am menacing small children to prove a point.”

“Both sides? Side one: The kids are scared by a man with a gun. Side two: A man with a gun is scaring the kids. There you have it. Now we’ll go to Scotty Sh*tstorm with the weather,” wrote author Craig Rozniecki.

The reporter was using “freedom of the press” under the First Amendment and the protester was exercising his Second Amendment rights while not threatening anyone. Leftists are decrying constitutional rights in a predictable fashion here.

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