Kirk Cameron reveals new project aimed at ‘taking back children’s entertainment’

A new shot in the culture war came courtesy of Kirk Cameron and Brave Books with the promise of a crowdfunded gift to cleanse an entertainment industry “steeped in the sewage of moral perversity…”

The March release of Investigation Discovery’s documentary, “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV,” exposed yet another layer in corporate media’s bombardment of innocence in favor of bolstering deviancy.

Having already endeavored to tackle Marxist indoctrination fostered by leftist enterprises like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” the conservative actor was proud to present a new project with Brave Books aimed at “taking back children’s entertainment one episode at a time…without a hidden agenda.”

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt, like many other millions of Americans, absolutely disgusted, ready to throw up in your mouth over the moral perversion and twisted sickness that’s coming out about people who are being employed at children’s television networks like Nickelodeon,” began Cameron beside his backyard fire pit.

“Didn’t start in the 1990s. I’m very sad to say that some of those same people that were working on those shows were also working on ‘Growing Pains,” he admitted about predators behind the scenes who’d been convicted of sexual abuse or its enablement as he asked, “Are we gonna continue to let these things happen in the world of children’s programming, only to be discovered and outed decades later when the scars on these children are going to be with them for a lifetime?”

“Or do we uproot the evil and reverse the curse? Do we replace the wickedness with the wonder, and the goodness and the truth of the kind of shows that we used to watch?” continued Cameron as he asked families to consider backing an alternative. “How ’bout you join me and other brave Americans to become the executive producers of our children’s future?”

“We have begun a new television program that embraces these good values, these wholesome lessons, and it’s called ‘The Adventures [with] Iggy and Mr. Kirk,'” explained the actor. “It’s beautiful stories, wholesome biblical values, beautiful animation, kids are going to love it and we’ve got three episodes already fully funded.”

Setting an objective of producing two seasons amounting to a total of 20 22-minute episodes at a cost of roughly $150,000 each, Brave Books partnered with Texas FilmWorks and Sesame Street puppeteer John Kennedy to offer a children’s entertainment choice that parents could trust.

According to their crowdfunding page, “It has hit the point where there are now over 250 LGBTQ characters in children’s television shows. Recently, CoComelon Lane has featured a same-sex couple. Movies like Lightyear have same-sex kissing scenes. Strange World features a gay teen romance. Even Blue’s Clues has taught children about the LGBTQ flags.”

They also included the announcement video for the new show with actress Leigh-Allyn Baker from Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” where they teased rewards for backers and surprise guests down the road.

“Our intent,” explained Cameron of the show likened to “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” for its aim at instilling morals, “is to give these as a gift to Nickelodeon, and to Disney, and to Cartoon Network and to any other network that has lost its way and is steeped in the sewage of moral perversity as a corrective, as a cure to their amnesia, so that they can remember who we are as a nation and what we want as parents and what our children so desperately need.”

In closing, the actor affirmed, “It’s time to get off the defense and get on the offense. If you want to join me then, be brave, join us, click on the link and help us reverse the curse and turn this whole thing around.”

“God bless you,” concluded Cameron to significant praise on X.

Kevin Haggerty


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