Leftist goon who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse gives protest speech outside his event

One of the leftist thugs who was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse showed up to protest the young man’s right to free speech at Kent State University where he appeared this week.

Joining student activists in denouncing Rittenhouse was Gaige Grosskreutz who, unlike the two other violent goons who paid the ultimate price for their attack on the young man during violent race riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020, lived to tell his tale.

Grosskreutz, who has since changed his name to Paul Prediger, railed against Rittenhouse who had been invited to speak on the importance of the Second Amendment – which saved his life – by the campus Turning Point USA chapter.

He roused the rabble from behind a podium with his anti-Rittenhouse diatribe being posted to X, as he whined about having his life ruined despite his personal decision to join in the attack that left his buddies stretched out on a morgue slab.

“What I am here to do is to stand with the students of Kent State who have had enough. Enough of Kyle and his rhetoric,” Grosskreutz said. “Enough of the celebration of the loss of human life. Enough of the flawed logic that because a 17-year-old, who shot me and killed two others with an illegally obtained firearm, an illegally carried firearm, is now somehow qualified to be a champion of gun rights.”

“Enough of the sad fragility that proclaiming and accepting Black Lives Matter—because they do—somehow devalues or threatens white lives,” he continued. “Enough of the lies and the deceit that has been told by Kyle Rittenhouse for over three years about what actually happened in Kenosha, August 25th, 2020.”

The media touted his presence at the event, depicting him as a “shooting survivor” while omitting the important context that he was the aggressor during the incident.

Rittenhouse sought to set the record straight in a post to X highlighting Grosskreutz’s courtroom testimony.

“Objectively, I think he’s an idiot,” Grosskreutz/Prediger told Newsweek in a recent interview. “Unfortunately, he is like a poster boy. He is this young, gun-loving Republican who is going on these speaking tours with [Turning Point USA founder and president] Charlie Kirk.”

“I think, at the end of the day, he’s a fraud, in the sense of what does Kyle Rittenhouse even know about gun laws, apart from whatever the adults in his life told him? Whether it’s his attorneys or fans or other politicians. I mean, I don’t think the kid has an original thought at all, and [is] parroting what he’s been told. But that’s because this is the only group—you know, right-wing extremists—that will accept him,” he whined.

(Video: YouTube/WKYC Channel 3)

During his recent speaking appearances, Rittenhouse has been greeted by mobs of the typical campus commies who regularly turn out in mobs to shut down and intimidate those who have opposing viewpoints with America’s colleges and universities now being some of the most intolerant environments in the nation.

Chris Donaldson


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