Mike Rowe calls on parents to wake up: ‘If I had a kid at Columbia…’

Beloved television personality Mike Rowe took time to slam anti-Semitic protesters at Ivy League college campuses this week, pointing out that he is not likely to see students attending trade schools “calling for the extermination of Jews.”

The passion on display in sharing his opinion on such a controversial issue is a rare exception for Rowe, who generally steers clear of such treacherous waters.

“For a guy who runs a foundation that sends young people to trade schools all over America – trade schools where I’m pleased to report, no one is calling for the extermination of Jews – today’s headlines are once again offering another excellent reason to consider redirecting whatever financial support you might earmark for the Ivy League, to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation,” Rowe said in a lengthy tweet shared on Monday.

“Why? Because the Ivy League has truly lost its mind,” he continued. “Consider the latest madness at Columbia University, where the president, Minochuhe Shafik, has announced a new round of remote learning – effective immediately – in response to a noisy rabble of thugs and bullies calling for the eradication of Israel.”

“If I had a kid at Columbia, I’d be livid,” Rowe said. “It’s simply mind-boggling that the president of this university would rather consign her students to another crucible of remote learning, than permanently expel the protesters. I mean, seriously, what does it take to get expelled from Columbia? These creeps are on camera, literally screaming into the faces of Jewish students.”

After sharing a quote from a “terrified” Jewish student, Rowe also added this quote from an anti-Israel protester: “Go Hamas, we love you, we support your rockets, too.”

“In a now-infamous image,” he added, “one demonstrator appeared before a group of counter-protesters holding Israeli and American flags with a sign pointing in their direction that read, ‘Al-Qasam’s next targets.’ That’s what you get for $68,000 a year at Columbia – an administration who cowers in the face of thugs and bullies, and a university president who would rather make your kids try to learn off campus, than take a truly hard line with those students calling for the murder of Jews.”

“For the love of God, expel them. Calling for murder is not protected speech,” Rowe concluded. “In the meantime, mikeroweWORKS is accepting applications for our next round of work ethic scholarships. Deadline is the end of the month. It’s worth noting that the careers we’re training people for cannot be taught, or performed, remotely. It’s also worth mentioning that we accept donations year-round and spend the money we take in with great discretion.”

Rowe had plenty of support on social media… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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