Va Walmart gunman details inner thoughts in hair-raising manifesto, believed he was ‘led by Satan’

In the aftermath of the Chesapeake, Va., Walmart shooting that left six people dead we learn yet again that mental illness is a driving factor in the […]

Biden slammed after declaring it’s ‘sick’ that ‘we still allow semi-automatic weapons’

President Joe Biden openly advocated for banning semi-automatic weapons on Thanksgiving, a stance that would include a wide range of firearms including pistols. Following last week’s shooting […]

Trump blasts ‘PSYCHO’ Liz Cheney over report Jan. 6 staff has turned on vengeful GOP lawmaker

Former President Donald Trump responded to a report that committee staff has turned on U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the vice chair of the House select committee […]

Smarmy Joy Reid accepts Herschel Walker debate challenges – on HER TERMS

For all the criticism Herschel Walker has taken from Democratic operatives disguised as cable news talking heads, the Heisman Trophy winner has been up for the challenge […]

Biden contradicts his own press secretary, says he’s ‘not directly engaged’ in looming rail strike

During what would have been dubbed unthinkable a few years ago, the nationwide shortage of baby formula that sent parents on a desperate search just to be […]

Mariah Carey returns to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade; maybe she shouldn’t have

There was a rare Mariah Carey sighting on Thanksgiving Day, as the popular singer appeared in the 96th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after a seven-year absence. […]

‘Sh*t’s about to get wild’: Musk vows to release details of Twitter censoring Hunter laptop story

A tweet d on Wednesday from new boss Elon Musk helps provide a better understanding of why the billionaire has met so much resistance from the […]

‘So cringe’: Biden, 80, calls into NBC Thanksgiving Parade and it could not have been more awkward

President Joe Biden, who turned 80 on Sunday, and first lady Jill Biden called in during NBC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday and the call began […]

‘Tripledemic’ creating shortage of amoxicillin, Tamiflu and other medicines warn pharmacists

With Big Pharma firmly entrenched as the great protector of society, true or not, and the Biden administration clinging to the alleged Covid-19 threat, Americans are being […]

Biden, 80, will have a physical in ‘coming months’ – but WH won’t say if results will be before 2024 announcement

With what seemed to be little fanfare, President Joe Biden turned 80 over the weekend, and being that he is commander in chief of the most powerful […]

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