Obama ‘thinks Joe Biden could LOSE White House next year’: report

President Joe Biden’s reelection hopes have taken a major hit with poll after poll showing that Americans are ready to ring down the curtain on his disastrous reign and now the most prominent Democrat in the land is sounding the alarm.

None other than former President Barack Obama now reportedly believes that the plane is going down and that his party could lose control of the White House with his deeply unpopular geriatric former veep heading up the ticket, news that will inevitably lead to calls for Biden to take one on behalf of the team and step aside.

Citing “a person familiar with his thinking,” the Wall Street Journal reported that Obama “knows this is going to be a close race” and “feels that Democrats very well could lose” the 2024 election if the party sticks with Biden.

The unnamed source said that the superstar ex-POTUS is worried that “the alternative is pretty dangerous for democracy,” using the word that Democrats have hijacked as a cloak for their anti-American fascist agenda that now bears little resemblance to its classic definition.

Obama’s alleged remarks come at a time when the Biden regime’s agenda is in trouble with his $60 billion giveaway to Ukraine looking like it won’t get into the hands of the notoriously corrupt Eastern European country’s greedball President Volodymyr Zelensky before Christmas and the financially battered public not buying into the “Bidenomics” gaslighting.

Adding to Biden’s woes is the anti-Semitism that has been allowed to fester in his party out of political expediency with the progressive base in full revolt over the regime’s stance on Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, chants of “Genocide Joe” have become commonplace as the pressure mounts on the octogenarian leader to force a ceasefire before the terror organization is completely wiped out.

The Wall Street Journal story in which Obama’s fears are reported states that “some rays of hope are peeking through” for Biden, pointing at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) blowing through the stratosphere last week, a number that despite its being touted by the regime and its media handmaidens has no connection to the economic pain being felt by real Americans who are being eaten alive by inflation and don’t have money to play the stock market.

Despite the Dow disconnect, the WSJ states that “a round of dismal polls is increasing jitters among Democrats, including some in the West Wing, who are worried that voters’ negative views on the president are going unchallenged. Those Democrats are growing impatient for a full-fledged campaign to start.”

Obama’s unease comes as his former top strategist David Axelrod has been a regular presence in the media where he has spoken in grave terms about Biden’s reelection chances.

During the latest edition of the “Hacks on Tap” podcast, the “Obama Whisperer” said that Biden’s numbers in a recent Wall Street Journal poll were “very, very dark” for his reelection hopes.

“You know what I worry about … from a Biden standpoint is there are the kinds of things you get when people are starting to rationalize their votes — ‘Oh look, they’re ready to fire Biden, that’s a problem,’” Axelrod said. “And they just put out another photo op with the Bidenomics sign next to him … it’s just unbelievable to me,” he added, referring to the White House continuing to push the “Bidenomics” scam

Despite the warning signs about the flailing incumbent, Democrats are in a serious pickle because of Biden’s decision to base his 2020 pick for a running mate on identity politics and then making the wrong diversity hire by tabbing inexperienced then-senator Kamala Harris whose performance as his veep has been nothing short of a four-alarm dumpster fire.

Shoving Biden aside for another candidate who isn’t Harris would enrage the party’s race-obsessed base with the one name that keeps coming up as a possible savior being Michelle Obama. Some might wonder whether Mr. Obama’s remarks that were published in one of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers are a signal that he’s onboard for the big switcheroo.

Chris Donaldson


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