Protestors storm stage, interrupt NYC Mayor Adams: ‘We need a new mayor!’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was in the middle of a speech touting his accomplishments when protesters stormed the stage.

The leftists shouted their complaints and got alarmingly close to the Democrat mayor before being yanked off stage by security. Video clips from the incident were shared online, showing the activists yelling, “How much money do you take from the rich?”

“We need a new mayor!” they shouted.

The group Planet Over Profit claimed responsibility for the protest in a post on X.

Adams was speaking at a breakfast event hosted by the Association for a Better New York when the leftist protesters made their way up to him.

“When are you going to stand up for working New Yorkers?” one protester demanded as he was forcibly shown the exit.

“The protestors did not have tickets to the event, according to representatives with the Association for a Better New York. A spokesman for Adams said they used counterfeit badges to gain entrance to the Park Avenue venue and that the incident is being looked into,” the Daily News reported, adding that the “venue had no metal detectors at the doors.”

“NYPD sources said four people involved in the disruption have been taken into custody and will be charged with forgery, trespass and disorderly conduct,” the Daily News noted. “Security on site was being provided by both NYPD and the association. Two members of the administration privately expressed concern over what they viewed as a lapse in security.”

“Landlord Adams is gutting our city’s Green New Deal, Local Law 97. Instead of creating thousands of good, green jobs, he’s selling out the planet to his real estate buddies,” the Planet Over Profit group posted. “So we shut him down today.”

At a press briefing later, Adams addressed the “security breach.”

“I tell my detail members: ‘Do not crowd me, I don’t want you in the room, I want to walk in by myself, stay on the peripheral, do not keep New Yorkers from coming near me,’” he told reporters.

“It is challenging for them. I am a security person’s nightmare,” he added.

“It was not a security breach,” Adams insisted. “They know that there’s one thing the mayor can do, the mayor can handle himself.”

Frieda Powers


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