DOJ escalates from a ‘mere review’ to full-fledged investigation after latest Biden doc discovery

The latest stash of classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s aware home has prompted an investigation by the Department of Justice. The discovery of the documents […]

Watch the shocking moment a semi-truck flies off Dallas overpass and bursts into flames

Shocking video captured the moment a semi-truck flew off a Texas overpass and erupted in flames, killing the 71-year-old driver. The dashcam from a nearby car caught […]

Biden in desperate, futile damage control following angry speech demonizing half of America’s voters

President Joe Biden’s much-criticized speech this week in which he demonized half of the nation’s voters continues to negatively reverberate, and current attempts to walk it back […]

Republican Party should be treated as ‘a domestic terrorist cell operating in America,’ DNC adviser says

There seems to be no end in sight to divisive rhetoric from Democrats spewing untruths about those who disagree with them and the latest attack comparing Republicans […]

‘They can’t square this’: KJP slammed for absurd response to basic border question in throwdown with Doocy

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre once again came under fire for failing to do her job as she stumbled over a question about vaccinations and illegal […]

‘Do you still identify as pro-life?’ Charlie Crist has scripted BS ready to explain abortion flip-flop

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist had to face the music when he was grilled on CNN about his past political rhetoric, specifically about his seeming reversal on the […]

Democrats choose Rubio and DeSantis opponents; here is the buzz on how they will fare

Primary season continued this week as Florida voters weighed in on their choice of candidates for governor and U.S. Senate, among other seats. Sen. Marco Rubio and […]

Katie Pavlich argues ‘free’ goodies being offered to arriving migrants is anything but compassionate

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich questioned how anyone can see the freebies being rolled out for illegal migrants landing in New York City and other areas as […]

DeSantis’s ‘Stop WOKE Act’ is halted by Obama-appointed judge who compares it to a Netflix show

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis faced a legal setback Thursday as a federal judge blocked a recently enacted law restricting “we idealogy” in the state. Chief Judge Mark […]

Peter Navarro has harsh words for ‘Clown Prince’ Jared Kushner for ‘derailing’ Trump’s presidency

A former Trump White House trade adviser is pointing a finger at a member of the family for what ultimately became the “Hindenburg of a campaign” that […]

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