‘Gross’: Sex claim in new book discussing Biden’s marriage elicits visceral reaction

An excerpt from a forthcoming bo sparked strong reactions from social media users who were horrified to receive “too much information” about President Joe Biden’s sex life. […]

Nancy Mace reignites feud with ‘loser’ Kevin McCarthy, saves some fire for the media

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy should just “get a job” according to Rep. Nancy Mace who suggested he might be “bored” since departing Congress. The South Carolina […]

All 120,000 gun safes, from 4 different companies, that were just recalled have one thing in common

Over 120 thousand gun safes from four different companies – and all manufactured in China – have been recalled due to safety issues with locks. Faulty biometric […]

Tucker takes aim at election rigging ‘goons’ Fani Willis and Letitia James

Tucker Carlson spe out on the “ridiculous” charges against former President Donald Trump aimed at keeping him from the White House while he to pointed shots at […]

Judge orders Mike Lindell to pay millions after reportedly losing his own challenge

MyPillow CEO Mike Linl is being ordered to pay up after losing his 2021 “Prove Mike Wrong” challenge. Linl has 30 days to pay the $5 million […]

‘Retire already!’ Pelosi and Biden panned for grasping hands in timid walk across the tarmac

President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked a wave of mockery on social media when they were seen together at San Francisco’s airport. The […]

California candidate uses her own razor wire to secure gap in border wall: ‘I had to do it myself’

A California Congressional candidate fed up with the lack of effort at the U.S.-Mexico border made it a personal mission to put action behind words. Kate Monroe […]

Migrants say they’re turning to criminal behavior and will do ‘whatever it takes’ to get sent BACK

Migrants in Chicago are reportedly doing “whatever it takes” to be arrested and be sent back to their home country. According to Chicago Police Department records, in […]

Daughters of the Confederacy on brink of losing tax exempt status as VA lawmakers continue war on history

Confederate organizations will see their tax-exempt status stripped away thanks to a bill passed by the Virginia Senate. “With the Senate passing House Bill 568 on Tuesday, […]

Truly unreal video shows Amazon driver behind the wheel as his truck gets SPLIT in HALF by a train

A shocking moment captured on video showed an ivery truck being cut in half by an oncoming train in Wisconsin. The harrowing incident occurred in 2021 […]

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