Pundits call for Trump to pledge a pardon for Hunter Biden

A former adviser to Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign suggested an eyebrow-raising move by the former president that would “flip the tables” on Democrats.

CNN commentator David Urban offered a scenario for a “magnanimous” action by Trump in the wake of the guilty verdicts in his hush-money case and Hunter Biden’s gun-related case. With Trump the presumptive Republican nominee, the stage is set for a repeat 2020 face-off between himself and President Joe Biden, giving the former president a perfect opportunity to tip the scales, in Urban’s view.

“President Biden said he will not pardon Hunter Biden,” guest host Erica Hill said on CNN’s “OutFront” Wednesday.

“The White House wouldn’t rule out a commutation of an eventual sentence. Do you see a difference between the two?” she asked, comparing the verdicts.

(Video Credit: CNN)

“I think that’s all too cute by half, Erica,” Urban responded.

“You’re either gonna do it or you’re not gonna do it. Listen, what I’d like to see happen is I’d like to see President Trump come out with a statement saying, ‘Look, if Hunter Biden commits to a program of sobriety and inpatient or maybe outpatient, shows up, keeps his sobriety. I’ll pardon him,'” Urban suggested.

“I’d love for President Trump to say that. It would be a magnanimous offer on his part, show his humanity, and really flip the tables on the Democrats,” he added.

“We’ll see if he is listening to you tonight,” Hill said, prompting a laugh from Urban.

Frieda Powers


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