Rapper scams CNN in off the rails interview; promotes ‘libido-boosting’ drink so he can ‘get some cheeks’

CNN anchor Abby Phillip approached her disastrous interview with rapper Cam’ron just like she would with any number of political operatives the network typically uses to reinforce a prescribed narrative. This is not to say that Cam’ron may not support that narrative, but he was not down for the approach or the linguistics at play.

Cam’ron, aka Cameron Giles, was brought on to discuss the recently released video of Sean “Diddy” Combs physically attacking then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura.

Phillip asked her guest, “Do you recognize the man in that video?”

“What I want to say, first of all, when I see the video, everything in the video is egregious, I’m against,” Cam’ron replied, stressing that he does not support any of the things Diddy is being accused of, which includes sex trafficking, sexual abuse and rape. “So when I saw the video I was kinda upset being that I know him.”

When Phillip pressed him on whether he recognized the man seen kicking Ventura, he took the question literally.

“What do you mean did I recognize him,” the rapper replied. “I seen him. What do you mean, my experiences? I seen him and I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t do a zoom-in to see if it was really him or nothing, but he admitted it was him, so yeah, it was him.”

He was then asked what he thought about the apology Diddy extended to Ventura after the video leaked, and it was clear that his patience for the conversation was beginning to expire.

“The apology ain’t for me to decide. It’s for Cassie. What I think about it don’t matter. He ain’t do nothing to me…. need to ask Cassie if she accept the apology. I told you how I feel, I said what I said,” Cam’ron replied.

When Phillip turned the focus to the rap industry in general, suggesting that a lot of people were protecting Diddy, the wheels came off.

Taking a sip of PinkHorsePower, a supplement he owns that boosts the libido, before holding up the container for a shameless plug, Cam’ron said, “Sorry, I’m gonna’ go get some cheeks after this horse power drink.”

The look on the CNN anchor’s face was priceless.

As for the interview, Cam’ron was done.

“Who the talent agent for this joint? Like, you think I’d be sitting around watching what Diddy do and all this? I didn’t know this was a Diddy joint y’all invited me to,” he said. “Who booked me for this joint? I don’t wildin’. I don’t be sitting around watching Diddy and all that.”

And with that, a mortified Phillip quickly brought the disaster to a close, “All right, Cam’Ron, thanks for joining us. Thank you for your time tonight.”

Tom Tillison


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