See how Coca-Cola quietly edited website after Ted Cruz calls out BLM’s pro-Hamas post

Coca-Cola has quietly disassociated itself from Black Lives Matter after being indirectly called out by Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

During this Wednesday’s episode of Cruz’s podcast, “Verdict,” the Texas senator slammed the “woke” corporations that had glommed onto BLM during the violent riots of 2020 and asked them whether they support the group’s latest actions.

He specifically drew attention to a recent X post from BLM in which the group had made heroes out of the Hamas paragliders who’d butchered hundreds of people during the terror attack in Israel earlier this month.

“For every corporate donor who sent millions to BLM—including Amazon, Apple, BlackRock & Bank of America—do you regret supporting such a virulently antisemitic organization?” Cruz said on his podcast.

“Do you support Black Lives Matters’ Marxist agenda supporting Hamas? Are you anti-Semites? Do you support that we need to end Israel?” he added.


According to Cruz, someone at Coca-Cola apparently listened to the podcast, because by Friday morning, the company had deleted all pro-BLM rhetoric from its website.

Specifically, Coca-Cola, which owns Sprite, deleted all pro-BLM language in a June. 24th, 2020 press release.

“Earlier this month, Sprite announced a $500,000 contribution to the Black Lives Matter Global Network in a social post committing action in the fight for racial justice. On June 28, the brand debuted a new TV commercial during the 2020 BET Awards telecast showcasing Black America’s resilience, excellence and optimism,” the release originally read, as seen in this archived copy.

“The 60-second spot titled ‘Dreams Realized’ emphasizes Sprite’s commitment to making young Black creators’ dreams a reality and to inspire the next generation to do more and dream bigger,” it continued.

This lengthy paragraph has since been removed from the release, as seen in the updated version.

Cruz wasn’t pleased by this removal because it didn’t come with an apology.

“Editing your website is not enough. Americans DEMAND an apology,” he tweeted Friday.


It’s not clear why it took BLM brazenly supporting Hamas for Coca-Cola to finally figure out that there’s nothing good about the movement.

According to Mike Gonzalez of The Heritage Foundation, it’s always been evident that BLM “is perfectly in line” with the evil that Hamas represents.

“BLM is transnational, just as co-founder Alicia Garza, donning a Palestinian keffiyeh no less, admitted in 2010 (three years before creating BLM) that Third World enemies of the United States had asked activists like her to set up entities that would help take the U.S. boot ‘off our neck.’ They also believe that ‘decolonization,’ a mantra of the movement, is to be carried out ‘by any means necessary,'” he writes.

“That’s an expression by the 1960s revolutionary Frantz Fanon, the New Left’s favorite Third World author, though it is often associated with Malcolm X because he, too, said it often. It means that decolonization must be carried out with rape and carnage. Bloodlust is purifying. To fanatics, Hamas’s butchery of civilians is an integral part of revolution,” he continues.

Indeed, in his book “The Wretched of the Earth,” Fanon reportedly wrote, “In its bare reality, decolonization reeks of red-hot cannonballs and bloody knives. For the last can be the first only after a murderous and decisive confrontation between the two protagonists. Violence … frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair and inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self-respect.”

Here’s the key: At least one BLM co-founder, Melina Abdullah, is a fan of Fanon’s work and has encouraged other BLM members to read it.

“Abdullah leads both BLM Grassroots and BLM LA—two of the BLM [sub]groups that defended Hamas’s killing spree,” Gonzalez notes.

Dovetailing back to Cruz’s tweet, X users responded to it by sharing their disgust for Coca-Cola and other “woke” corporations.


Note what one person wrote: “just because it’s no longer ‘visible’ on a website doesn’t mean they’re not still ‘supporting’ w/ $$$.” That’s a very valid point.

Also, Coca-Cola’s “woke” behavior extends beyond just endorsing BLM. Back in 2021, the company was exposed for launching a “diversity” initiative involving penalizing outside law firms if they didn’t meet certain diversity quotas.

Vivek Saxena


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