Young Chicago crooks target Range Rover dealership in Wisconsin, make off with NINE stolen SUVs

A group of young criminals from Chicago are reportedly responsible for a massive car dealership robbery that occurred last week. The young criminals traveled to Waukesha, Wisconsin, […]

‘Smoke and mirrors’: Defense IG running more than 50 criminal investigations into Ukraine aid

The Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office is currently running 50+ investigations into all the money being funneled to Ukraine though the investigations have reportedly produced nothing […]

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels sets Bill Maher straight for backing Gavin Newsom: ‘Give me a f–king break!’

Celebrity fitness guru Jillian Michaels lectured left-wing comedian Bill Maher earlier this month about the realities of Gov. Gavin Newsom’ California. During a discussion on Maher’s podcast, […]

‘It’s Silence of the Lambs!’ Trump talks ‘new’ migrant crime category resulting from Biden border crisis

Former President Donald Trump unleashed this Saturday on the hordes of criminal illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. from the southern border. Appearing at this year’s annual […]

‘Influencer’ urges followers to raise money for illegal alien who allegedly shot tourist in Times Square

A criminal illegal alien who’s also a TikT influencer has been using his influence to support a fellow criminal illegal who’d shot at the police. As previously […]

San Francisco seeing a rise in ‘rampant and brutal sex trafficking’ and residents are FED UP

Residents of San Francisco’s Mission District are desperate to put a stop to all the sex trafficking occurring right before their very eyes. So desperate are they […]

Casey DeSantis extends warm welcome when legendary ‘Rocky’ actor and his wife announce moving plans

In a tweet posted Friday, Florida first lady Casey DeSantis welcomed legendary “Rocky” actor Sylvester Stallone to her state. “Welcome to the Free State of Florida!” she […]

Newsom trips on his own rake in saying Republicans believe ‘the rapists have more rights’ than victims

Radically far-left California Gov. Gavin Newsom has elicited mega backlash for accusing Republicans of caring about rapists than their victims. He made the despicable remarks during […]

Washington voters sound alarm over requirement to mark party affiliation on mail-in ballot envelope

Concern is brewing in Washington State over a requirement that -in-voters mark their party affiliation on their -in envelopes. The issue sprung into the limelight Thursday when […]

‘This is an insult to me as a voter!’ Michigan Dems reject Biden, stun MSNBC talking head

Four Michigan Democrat voters ivered a shocking truth bomb to MSNBC’s far-left, pro-Biden reporters this week. Sitting down with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian for a panel discussion, all […]

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