WaPo columnist draws scrutiny for claiming it’s not ‘Christ-like’ for minority women to be unable to abort

A Washington Post columnist is drawing scrutiny for claiming that stopping minority women from aborting/killing their babies is not “Christ-like” because minority women not aborting/killing their babies […]

Woke education agendas pop up overseas: One mom reveals her fight against school’s radical teachings

A British mother is crying foul over the radical racial and sexual content her 13-year-old daughter, Isla, and her 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, were presented at school. The […]

TikTok influencer with over 250,000 followers charged for allegedly exposing herself to minors at pool

A Georgia-based TikTok “influencer” with over 250,000 followers was arrested this week for exposing her breasts to two young boys while at a swimming pool, but the […]

Jill Biden thanks Elmo for getting a vaccine; Cruz blasts ‘woke people with their hands up his a**’

The “Sesame Street” Muppet known as Elmo has been busy attracting a lot of love and “hate” over his unusual decision this week to get vaccinated. The […]

It’s finally here! Pete Buttigieg launches woke anti-racist road program

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has launched a $1 billion project, the Reconnecting Communities program, to undo the alleged negative effects that “racist roads” have engendered on poor […]

Ilhan Omar trashes US city as more violent than the Somali refugee camps she fled to as a youth

Left-wing Rep. Ilhan Omar admitted that since fleeing the “armed conflict” in her native Somalia, she’s witnessed more of a similar type of violence living in the […]

New poll shows whopping 71% of voters think Biden should NOT run again

A new Harvard-Harris poll released Friday found that an overwhelming 71 percent of voters believe President Joe Biden should “not run for a second term” in 2024. […]

Justice Kagan faces backlash for apocalyptic warning following SCOTUS EPA ruling

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is facing scrutiny and mockery for warning in a dissent that “parts” of the United States could be “swallowed by the ocean” […]

Joe Biden’s take on drunk driving swings back to hit him hard

As the southern border continues to be flooded with migrants, newfound attention is being directed at a viral clip from 2020 showing then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden […]

Bill Gates wins legal battle to buy huge swath of North Dakota farmland despite local outcry

A controversial land purchase in North Dakota by billionaire Bill Gates has reportedly been approved, despite concerns from farmers “across the state” that they’re being exploited by […]

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