Stevie Nicks torched for ‘privileged and self-centered’ post about her Maui mansion amid wildfire tragedy

A Fleetwood Mac member’s post on the Hawaiian wildfires marked her as another celebrity scorned for a “tone deaf” response.

The wrath of the social media mob came for 75-year-old Stevie Nicks after she attempted to express her connection with Maui which included concern for her family. While some appreciated the sentiment, others reacted as though her message were as callous as President Joe Biden’s smiling “No comment.”

“Lahaina is not gone ~ It is just away ~ With Aloha, Stevie Nicks,” the singer captioned the post as she had signed the letter dated Friday from Houston, Texas.

“As I am sure you have heard~ the island, Maui, where I own a house I have been staying at since the 80s — and the small village, city, most magical place on earth, Lahaina, burned to the ground over the last few days,” she wrote. “And to make the situation worse my young niece, her husband, and their little boy had just arrived for a very needed vacation before she started up her school year (on her way to becoming a psychologist) for 10 days.”

“They had one and a half days of fun and then — the fire started,” Nicks stated in her account of her personal history on Hawaii that dated back to the 70s and how “Most all the opals I wear on my fingers” had come from a store there.

After explaining that her family made it home to California fine, the entertainer also noted, “My house and the surrounding area was not burned. The wind took the fire in a different direction.”

Nicks’ statement was juxtaposed with the tragedy suffered by those who lived there, many of whom remained separated from their families as the confirmed death toll neared 100, and was therefore harshly criticized.

“As a person with money and influence you could direct people to resources for native Hawaiians’ aid, but instead you focused on your families vacation, which is a huge privilege in the first place, and your mansion and jewelry. You could have mentioned Lahaina’s impact on your life in another way,” one commenter railed.

“Say that to the people who lost loved ones. This is extremely tone deaf,” said one as another wrote, “Self indulgent crap.”

Nicks wasn’t the only celebrity taking heat as sources close to hotel heiress Paris Hilton continued to justify her being spotted on the beach in Maui, vacationing Saturday mere miles away from the tragedy.

As previously covered, Hilton was said to have arrived the same day the fires began with her husband Carter Reum and their infant son. On Monday, Fox News Digital reported that a source said, “It was initially a planned family trip, and she has been traveling to Maui since she was born. She has many friends and family there and it’s a second home for her.”

“Her uncle’s restaurant in Lahaina burned down so they decided to shorten their trip and go to see their family and help where they could,” the source added. “When they arrived, they gathered supplies, donated to the local shelters and people in need and made significant contributions.”

She too was slammed for getting spotted having a good time, or as one person put it, “While Maui burns , Paris Hilton Fiddles ( on vacay in Maui}! Get a clue honey and go home . ( Her publicist should request combat pay !).”

However, not everyone was wholly negative about Nicks’s post and many saw the sentiment for what it was.

Kevin Haggerty


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