Store owner rips Biden’s new claims about grocery store price gouging apart: ‘This is a joke …’

A grocery store owner called out President Joe Biden and his administration for accusing businesses of price gouging.

Rob LaBonne, whose X profile describes him as “Owner/operator of supermarkets & self storage,” ripped into the president after a post on X laying out plans to “tackle” high prices at grocery stores.

“Grocery costs are too high for families across the country,” the president’s official X account posted. “We have a plan to tackle them.”

Those plans included “partnering with 31 state Attorneys General to take on price gouging” as well as “calling on grocery chains to lower costs.”

“This is a joke. Grocery stores are not price gouging,” LaBonne fired back in response.

“We have fixed margins that change when our cost of goods change. Failing to react to cost increases puts you out of business,” the business owner wrote.

“Once cost of goods is paid we still have to pay staff, utilities, insurance, etc which are all up thanks to Biden’s policies,” he pointed out.

Biden has repeatedly blamed everyone but himself for the effects of his disastrous policies on the U.S. economy. LaBonne set the record straight and inspired heated discussions and some appreciative reactions online.

Frieda Powers


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