Top Dem declines to commit to Kamala as ‘the future of the Democratic Party’

The political career of Vice President Kamala Harris took a big hit when the man who is largely responsible for foisting her off on Joe Biden declined to endorse her as “the future of the Democratic Party,” an acknowledgment that the loopy Californian has been an abject disaster for Democrats.

U.S. Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) appeared on the latest edition of “Meet the Press” where he discussed Biden’s struggles and the desire of Democrats to replace him at the top of the ticket before next year’s presidential election with Kristen Welker, the new host of NBC’s Sunday morning flagship.

On a day when the release of a new Washington Post/ABC News poll showed the deeply unpopular Biden being absolutely creamed by Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump, Welker tried to pin Clyburn down on whether Harris could be the savior that many in the party are desperately seeking to keep the former president from retaking the White House next year.

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“Do you see her as the future of the Democratic Party?” Welker asked her guest.

“I see her as a part of that future, absolutely,” Clyburn responded, hedging on whether the veep could be the one who is able to salvage the party’s rapidly diminishing hopes of holding onto the presidency.

“Is she THE future, though?” Welker followed up. “Is she the future of the Democratic Party?”

“Oh, she could very well be. I think she is running a very good ah..ah..campaign,” the congressman responded. “And I look to her as a successor to this president, but I also know the history of that as well.”

“It’s not a given, you don’t automatically move up. She’ll have to compete going forward with whoever may have dreams and aspirations, and I think she will acquit herself well,” Clyburn added.

Welker then pointed out that a new NBC News poll shows that Harris’ favorability is even lower than Biden’s, a horrendous 31 percent.

“Why do you think she’s not resonating more with voters? What do you think the issue is?” the host asked.

“I think when you compare the first woman of color and first woman to be vice president of the United States and compare that to all of the history before, you will get that,” Clyburn answered, suggesting that Harris is the victim of racism. “I think that during this campaign, she will demonstrate — as she did in that hall last night — that she knows exactly what she’s doing. She has the capacity and the capability to be president of the United States if called upon to do so.”

The influential Congressional Black Caucus kingfish was instrumental in Biden’s reversal of fortunes in the 2020 primaries when the Bernie Sanders express was derailed in South Carolina, stealing momentum from the avowed socialist senator and giving it to Barack Obama’s former veep who then rolled to the nomination

Clyburn also pressured Biden to return the favor by tabbing a black female running mate which he was happy to oblige, unfortunately settling on the inexperienced senator and former California attorney general who had been close to his dead son Beau.

In bypassing more qualified candidates such as Susan Rice and Karen Bass, a former Democrat congresswoman who is now the mayor of Los Angeles, Biden made a colossal error in judgment that has come back to bite his party in a big way.

The Palmetto State Democrat has considerably cooled on Harris as is evident by his less than enthusiastic support during his chat with Welker and while he would never openly admit it, he could be having a serious case of seller’s remorse.

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