Travis Kelce has great response to the mistake made on his Super Bowl ring

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rings have been the subject of much conversation due to a misprint, but what do the wearers think?

According to the team’s tight end, Travis Kelce, he likes it. He recently spoke about the famous flub with his brother Jason Kelce on the “New Heights” podcast, saying that messing up Miami’s seed on the ring “makes it more unique.”

“I don’t give a s**t,” Travis said candidly. “I like it that we didn’t give a f**k about what seed Miami was. Yeah, they were the seventh. Who cares? They could’ve done no seeds on the side of them and I would’ve been fine.”

The ring, studded with 529 diamonds, 38 rubies, and 14.8 carats’ of gems, accidentally listed Miami as the sixth seed instead of the seventh. While football fans, and specifically Miami fans, may have taken issue with this, Travis argues it actually makes the ring more “exclusive.”

“I think it makes it more unique. Like, ‘Oh, yeah we made it really detailed, and oops we screwed up.’ Just makes it more exclusive. We screwed up about something that means nothing,” he said.

The Chiefs are not content with resting on their laurels however, and aren’t letting last season’s Super Bowl victory get to their heads. They are focusing on making this season just as, if not more, successful.

“We’ve got a lot we want to do, and we’re very focused to keep our eyes on the prize,” Kelce said.

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